Thursday Night Indie Spotlight: Oxenfree (PlayStation 4)

Short Pause: "In this week's episode of the Thursday Night Indie Spotlight, Boyce jumps into the eerie horror game, Oxenfree. Developed by Night School Studios,
Oxenfree is a narrative-driven game that draws inspiration from teen
slasher films of the 80's."

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TheDude791798d ago

At first there's a lot of character development and dialogue, but wow, once this game starts amping up the creepiness, it's highly effective. I know there was a lot of buzz surrounding this game after it launched on Xbox One and PC, but now that I've finally watched some of it, I'm all in!

tazmeah1798d ago

Honestly, I couldn't help but think of this as a indie-styled, 2D version of something like Until Dawn. A good horror game with solid writing and voice acting.