Here's How AMD's RX 480 and 470 Change the GPU Market Completely | ASidCast

The AMD RX 480 is announced and it's shakes up the way we see the next generation of GPUs. Nvidia needs to use the Ace in its sleeve (If it has one) to find a better solution for gamers.

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2pacalypsenow1805d ago

Ill stick with a single 1080

Nitromonteiro1805d ago

I'm sorry but this card in crossfire just beat the single 1080. WOW

kraenk121803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Only in a specialised DX12 engine. The 1080 I specialised for VR performance. Not a fair comparison. Also Crossfire sucks.

jessionpc1803d ago



Guess my perfect CF set up since the 5870, musta been shit then!...

To think my 680 sli crashed bf3's story mode all the time too...


...Fanboys... my god...

never4get1803d ago

AMD could have made $399 11 TeraFLOPS GPU.

Omnislashver361803d ago


This is what's kind of holding me back... I mean the r490x is going to be freaking amazing for the price, GDDR5X, and more... I'm just hoping it uses a single 8-pin power connector.

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freshslicepizza1803d ago

a single 1080 is $599, this card is only $200.

crossfire, vr, direct 12 and windows 10 are going to be well supported for amd.

jessionpc1803d ago

Yep, the intelligent consumers are about to get another god tier lineup from AMD.