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Neil writes "If there is one bunch of gamers who I really feel sorry for, it is those who steadfastly refuse to play any game other than a triple A title for fear that the independent, small studio behind it is just trying to cash in on the entire video game industry by delivering a sloppy experience.

Because you see, it is these gamers who will miss out on a ton of stunning little games that just must be played.

Kick & Fennick is one such title."

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Null19801804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

This game was a really nice surprise when we got it through PS+ for the Vita. Not crazy about the character design (poor artistic design, just in his look), but that's really my only complaint. (the rest of the visuals and artistic design is pretty great) It really was a lot of fun and I'm glad that it will be reaching a wider audience now!

ThiagoMysterio1803d ago

Although it is not a AAA game(to be honest noways it is not that relevant) it is a very good game. Much fun.