Top Ten Arcade Golf Games

Phil writes, "It's golf season, ladies and gentlemen. Grab your 7-irons, pick a wedge, and let's get to the links! While playing a realistic golf game or, dare I say, the real thing can be a lot of fun, for me, there's no better good time on the links than with wildly fantastical elements involved. Part of the fun of arcade golf games is when they forgo realism to allow for accessible and much more fast-paced gameplay. That's how most of the games on this list are. After you've read my picks for the best in arcade golfing, please post your own favorites in the comments below! Let's tee off, eh?"

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PixelGateUk1804d ago

there was some decent neo geo golf games back the day!

RuleNumber51804d ago

GameBoy Color Mario Golf was my favorite. Spent so much time traveling with my family and playing that thing. Great game.

Null19801803d ago

Glad to see some love for golf games! It's one of the few types of games I could actually get my dad to play growing up, aside from racing games. So many great memories. We started with the original Mario Golf on the NES and went through so many of these, plus the Tiger Woods games. Really looking forward to the new Hot Shots Golf game on PS4!

Goldby1803d ago

R u picking up Dangerous Golf?15$ on the playstation store and from the makers of burnout:)

Null19801803d ago

Ooo, I hadn't heard of it. I'll have to look into it, thanks!

Goldby1803d ago

Was released this week, so i wouldnt be surprised

3-4-51803d ago

* Mario Golf & Hot Shots golf are both great game series.

impydave1803d ago

Hot Shots Golf - What the hell happened to the PS4 version!!