No Man's Sky UK Release Date Moved Forward

No Man’s Sky UK release date has been brought forward so that the game will now release on the same day in the UK as the rest of Europe.

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ArchangelMike1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

It has always baffeld me why games made in the U.K. would release later than other territories. I understand the Tuesday / Friday preference between the U.S. and U.K. markets respectivey; but the question is why doesn't the U.K. get (U.K. made games especially) on the Friday BEFORE the U.S. Tuesday release?

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Lon3wolf1801d ago

It's a way to get the USA to find all the bugs before we get the game :D

alfcrippinjr1801d ago

its all down to sales and demand who ever gets the biggest orders so it be like the usa or canada then the uk

RosweeSon1801d ago

It happens with Allsorts. Adele last I check was also from U.K yet if your American (Target) get 3 extra tracks same if you were Chinese but U.K where it comes from nope you get the standard edition. It's like when media molecule only released the Tearaway unfolded collectors edition in parts of Europe and not in the U.K where they are based... Sucks balls.

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generic-user-name1801d ago

I've never understood why UK(and Ireland, they never say Ireland but it includes Ireland too even though we are in the EU and not in the UK) gets games dead last. When it comes to NA/EU/UK somehow UK is last, I don't get it, NA and UK both use English so you'd think EU, with its multiple languages, would be the one to come last but nope.

NA and UK should both have the same release dates, why do games have to release on a Friday over here? For games that do worldwide release dates it can be any day, but standard games are Friday, why? For those of you thinking 'shut up, it's only a couple extra days' that's true but it makes spoilers much more likely and for MP games it puts you at a disadvantage.

Lon3wolf1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Wouldn't that be Northern Ireland rather than just Ireland as a whole?

Edit: misread your comment completely, doh :(

RosweeSon1801d ago

We've all been there haha

Deadpooled1801d ago

I assume you mean Europe instead of the European Union?

xtheblackparade1801d ago

I can't get any confirmation on the August release date though. Both the official game site and psn still stated june for the release. So the release date moving to August was just rumours?

Lon3wolf1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Steam has it as August now (was June still until a couple of days back), Hello Games announced August but have not updated the site, surprised PSN not been updated.

JumpToGamer1801d ago

The Official PlayStation UK twitter account tweeted that they had come to an agreement with retailers that will see No Man's Sky release on August 10. It's not a rumour anymore. I believe Hello Games has confirmed it as well at some point

Meltic1801d ago

This game
Feels like a rollercoaster. Delay after delay and then move UK release forward. Whats next ?

Zorkaz1801d ago

To be honest, I don't think this really changes that much anyway ...