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Carlos writes "Upon starting my return to the island of Banoi, my first look had me feeling generally very pleased. One thing I had previously disliked when playing through the original games was that they didn’t quite deliver on the visuals. Despite the tropical island setting proving a delightful view and a nice change to what is often seen in other horror games, the game’s new setting simply looked rather rough and edgy during play, while simple movements, if made too quick, could result in screen tearing. I was therefore pleased to see the game simply looking much smoother, with screen tearing no longer an issue and everything looking like it should have the first time round. The new lighting and shadow effects play along really nicely in the darker parts of the island and after playing the originals to completion many times it is something that really makes the game stand out. It feels much more “alive” this time around…or not depending on how you look at it."

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oKidUKo1797d ago

Glad to see the majority of bugs have been ironed out. Was a great game until those problems occured.