Battleborn Lead Writer Departs Gearbox

Gearbox is saying loosing Battleborns's lead writer. Aaron Linde, who's talents can be seen in the single player section of Battleborn.

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SaveFerris1798d ago

The first two sentences need editing.

3-4-51797d ago

* Exactly. " Loosing" instead of losing.

* "Aaron Linde, who's talents can be seen in the single player section of Battleborn. " ....who is talents " ???

Enigma_20991797d ago

Considering the quality of the "single player " in the game, doesn't seem like much of a loss. Try harder next time.

IamTylerDurden11797d ago

The quality was a hell of a lot better than the sp in Overwatch.

Mehmeh1797d ago

And that matters because?

Enigma_20991796d ago

If it makes you feel any better, I think the "single player" in Overwatch is just as worthless. If you're not gonna try, just don't put it in there. Just admit you're only about multi-player, and market your game as such.

I'm gonna go play Borderlands 2 while I wait for Borderlands 3.

IamTylerDurden11797d ago

I don't think the problem was the writing but more so the design choices of the sp. Regardless, i'd prefer a half ass sp to no sp. I still fail to see what Overwatch does better other than framerate.

lobocob1797d ago

Literally everything except for a single player campaign

IamTylerDurden11797d ago

Name it.

The shooting in Overwatch is garbage, it's not better, not by a long shot.

The characters are more cliche and less original in Overwatch.

Less characters in Overwatch.

Less content in Overwatch.

Less story, backstory, and absolutely no humor in Overwatch.

The writing is FAR better in BB.

Neither game is great, but i fail to see what Overwatch does better. Enlighten me.

iceman061796d ago

Agreed. The writing was very similar in tone and style to the Borderlands series. (which didn't seem to bother too many people and often garnered praise) It was the MOBA styled approach that threw people off. It's very love or hate in that manner. I thought it was different enough to be interesting and fun enough to play with multiple characters in the beta. I probably would have bought the game if I wasn't broke. lol

1797d ago