Seven months later, Valve’s Steam Machines look dead in the water

Sales of under 500,000 machines so far show an utter lack of market demand.

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FasterThanFTL11880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Any Windows based PC that runs Steam games is a Steam Machine as well. And there are hundreds of millions of them in the wild already so the demand for these Linux based Steam Machines was always going to be very low. Honestly, I am quite surprised they even sold 500, 000 units of these Linux based Steam Machines.

Nitrowolf21879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

I don't think valve had high expectations in terms of sales either to be honest I think it was mostly just the media coming out and saying steam machines are going to kill console. Most people who are pc gamers already have a PC. To me 500,000 is pretty good in all considering.

Honestly if valve really wanted to make a killing they would try to strike a deal with either Microsoft or Sony or Nintendo or even all three and have it so they can have their OS on the system. Not that they aren't already making money with its current install base.

donthate1879d ago

Valve barely has any skin in the game when it comes to Steam Machines. It is all the PC manufacturers that made these.

All valve did is specify some specs, work with some partners to push the product. THen they made a controller and a streaming box. Done!

freshslicepizza1879d ago

valve tried to push linux gaming and it's not doing very well. most people game on windows which is why microsoft is going more in that direction.

its_JEFF1879d ago

@Nitrowolf2 they didn't even release their own version of a steam box.

bouzebbal1878d ago

Where are these stupid articles saying that Sony MS and Nintendo are in trouble?

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Pandamobile1879d ago

Steam Machines/SteamOS is just a fallback plan in case Microsoft decides to go full-nuclear with Windows 10 in the future. It's good it exists outside the domain of Windows gaming, but yeah, there obviously isn't much of a market for these.

They're good if you want an off the shelf low-form factor PC for your living room, but building your own machine will always be the way most PC gamers do things.

donthate1879d ago

Actually, I think that was Valve trying to kill Windows. Obviously that is far from happening as Windows keep going like a bullet-train.

joeorc1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

@donthate25m ago
[Actually, I think that was Valve trying to kill Windows. Obviously that is far from happening as Windows keep going like a bullet-train.]

Why in all the world would Valve try to kill off windowsOS?

This is now they have both PC Platforms OS, WindowsOS and Now LinuxOS gaming with Mac included Valve now services all the PC system OS's for gaming.
Valve can now increase even more Adoption to now sell Software to the Gamer on yet another Platform, why would Valve not do that.

Why would Valve kill off a large platform that generate vast capital for Valve?

DeadlyFire1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

I agree with donthate. Valve is projecting long term to set Windows on the backburner for gaming.

Why ya think Microsoft is merging its future Xbox games with Windows? To keep some gamers on windows. The market is about to muiltiply. SteamOS, Windows are just two contenders. Over the next 10 years Steambox sales could accelerate just by having the cheap option. Google and Amazon have intentions. Steambox like designs with Andriod/ChromeOS or other OSes could pop up pretty fast in the future. IF THEY GAIN MOMENTUM and its only If.

nitus101879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Microsoft appears to want a "One Windows to rule them all" attitude with their push to basically force users to upgrade from either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. This would not be that bad since you do get a free upgrade, however!

I downloaded the Windows 10 ISO (about 4.5GB) to my Linux (Fedora 23 if you are interested) Desktop and installed it in a virtual machine (base install size is 9.4GB). This way I have control over what the install can actually do. I actually do this for any x86_64 operating systems which include other versions of Linux, SteamOS and Android.

My take on Windows 10 is that has a quite nice GUI if you like a combination of Win7 "start" menu and Win8 tiles. It has limited customizability compared to Linux GUI's however, it does get the job done.

What I did not like about Win10 was it's phone home features which are turned on by default. Sure you can turn off a small portion of those "features" in the Security setup however, you need to go into the registry to tighten up the security even more although you do need to master the black arts of Arcane to do that. Fortunately, there are some third party tools to do just that, assuming you trust those tools. Even if you do manage to lock down your Win10 machine some of your settings may be reverted with any updates which Microsoft will push out with little if any warning. A sort of chicken and egg scenario with Microsoft controlling the roost.

Lovely OS if you don't mind everything you do being sent to Microsoft., after all, we know it's for our own good. /s


No, it's the other way around, Microsoft is slowly by stealth trying to kill off Valve, Steam, etc. They would even try to kill Linux if they could since we all know that it is an Un-American OS and a Communistic conspiracy anyway /s.

Don't believe what I just said! That's fine but there are many criticisms on the web being made on Microsoft's push for Win10 and it's security, or lack of security, but it does pay to be forewarned.

noksucow731878d ago

Very true. I have a gaming pc i built from the ground up a few years back, but i purchased a low end (i3) alpha console for my game room, and it actually does really well. I put another 4gb of ram in it, so it has 8gb total, and most games run well on high settings. My kids have gaming pcs in their rooms,but if they decide tbey wanna go in the game room and log into steam and play in there they can. I like it for what it is.

BlaqMagiq11878d ago

Valve trying to kill Windows? Lol now that's funny. Valve makes too much money. They don't need to do that.

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joeorc1879d ago


Exactly, anyone expecting large numbers of the SteamOS base system's selling in large numbers , than just loading the 100% free

Loadable SteamOS , is very unrealistic. Existing PC gamers now have a free GamingOS now that is geared 100% a PC gamers OS.

Mulando1879d ago

sold, normally does not mean sold to customers. It means, that many of those are waiting for a customer to get bought. And the article states, that sales are under 500k. So not even that mark has been hit yet.
But who cares, the best steam-machine is the PC under the table, I really like the idea of steam-link, but that must still evolve a bit more. Xbox one streaming quality is really good (most times), I hope they can reach this quality soon (the lag of xbox one streaming is almost not existing).

TheUndertaker851879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

I do hope Microsoft opens streaming from Xbox One to PC without the need for a router or network. PS4 can do it. Why not the Xbox One? The results from going to a direct connection versus a network connection on PS4 is pretty evident. I'd imagine it would be on Xbox One as well.

starchild1879d ago

You're right, that's the biggest problem. There just aren't very many games on Linux compared to Windows. Who is going to want a Linux based machine when the overwhelming majority of games are on Windows?

joeorc1879d ago

@starchild4m ago
[You're right, that's the biggest problem. There just aren't very many games on Linux compared to Windows. Who is going to want a Linux based machine when the overwhelming majority of games are on Windows]

[Who is going to want a Linux based machine when the overwhelming majority of games are on Windows]

Well now with SteamOS Linux Gamers now have a viable option for good quality new games that were only Windows OS only, can now get those games Also now.

Magnes1879d ago

Things can and always do change few years ago there where no games for Linux. Mac OS, Android/Chrome and steam OS are all a form of Linux. I wouldn't discount a future where Linux gets all the same games as Windows.

nitus101879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Depends on the games you are interested in.

I have a Linux desktop and I can run Windows games under Win10 which in turn is running on a virtual machine. I can even run many Windows games under compatibility software like "Wine".

The thing is I don't trust Windows 10 since it really tries to phone home. Yes, you can turn most of that off if you know how but most Windows users have no idea. So to all those users of Win10 enjoy your targeted adverts and virtually nonexistent privacy.


Android has a Linux kernel, however, Mac OS is actually based on a Unix (BSD) kernel. Chrome, on the other hand, is a web-browser.

patchzon1878d ago

I totaly agree with you.Im also surprised of how many units they sold.

fr0sty1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Microsoft is the only company that is in the position to create a living room PC/console hybrid. Anything else would be seen by average joe as another console... one they've never heard of, and with no brand recognition as a result. Microsoft has Xbox, a well known brand, already in living rooms. They also have PC on lockdown, with a near-monopoly status there. So, if they were to promote a powerful console that also was a PC, add in a slick UI that simplifies doing PC tasks in a console environment, make it play actual PC games (as in, can put them in your PC and play them too) across the same network as actual desktop/laptop PCs, let it connect and seamlessly integrate with all other windows PCs in the home... then they could pull it off.

All Valve had to bring to the table was Steam... which is a great service, but in the end they were just another console. Not powerful enough to attract the PC gamers, and no brand recognition to attract the average joes.

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Segata1880d ago

5 dollar HDMI cable to the TV from your laptop is much cheaper.

Eidolon1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Still need a gaming laptop..

The min GPU on steam machines > 960M by a lot. and the min model costs < $500. You'd need to spend $700+ on a decent laptop with 960m, however I think the CPU will be better, but still not enough to warrant how much better the GPU is on the steam machine.

1878d ago
Majin-vegeta1880d ago

"Steam machines will kill consoles"

Lol memebr the influx of those dumb articles we had?

Ashlen1879d ago

I'm going to have to agree, I don't remember that either.

lodossrage1879d ago

Yeah, there definitely were a few articles posted here saying things like that. I don't think anyone is going to care enough to fish around for those articles now though.

I even specifically remember one saying Steam Machines would force PS4 and XB1 out of the market. It was a ridiculous claim yes, but it was made nonetheless

Genuine-User1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

These three stories should help you lot jog your memory:



The general consensus among the gaming community at large was that steam machines were of no threat to console gaming. That said, it didn't stop some websites coming up click bait titles.


I was misinformed?

You are disingenuously pontificating again.


Did you create the gif? Good stuff regardless.

Ashlen1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )


If you take the time to read those you'll see that they are written very skeptically.

I mean every one of those articles has a ? at the end of the title.

I don't think any of those authors thought that Steam Machines were going to eliminate consoles.

gangsta_red1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Ashlen is right, and I hardly call three articles that ask a question of *could?* an "influx" of articles and none of those articles actually say Steam machines WILL kill consoles.

But you can definitely read a lot of comments from folks in those links who were just as misinformed about the articles as you were.

Leading the charge of Steam machines killing consoles?
I really want to see those links of that please!!

I see one link that actually says "will kill consoles". Hardly the influx.

Godmars2901879d ago

Funny, could have sworn the likes of you and Ashlen were leading the charge...

1879d ago
Ashlen1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Wow Goldmars I encourage you to find even one comment by me that says Steam Machines were in anyway even remotely going to kill consoles. I will give you so much breathing room as to say if you can go though my comment history and find even one comment that even half implies they were a good idea I will personally tell you you are the "winner".

Let's be honest it's a pretty bold statement to even claim you remember my posts from a year ago but I'm going to tell you flat out the only comments you will find me saying about them is "what's the point it's just a PC" and a "Steam Machine is just a pc what's the point?"

But as I seem to be a popular person to contradict around here, so I eagerly await your proof!

P.S. i'm flattered that i'm in your thoughts though, wanna date? lol

1879d ago
Ashlen1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )


I'm just going to tell you flat out I don't like you, You're one of those name change people who got a bad rep and changed their name. I don't have any respect for you. You argue with me just for the sake of argument.

There is a difference between "Are they going to win? and "They are going to win!"

Don't try to bring semantic BS into it.

I'm done arguing with you here and most likely in the future.

Vegamyster1879d ago


Three Articles is hardly a "influx" and none of them broke 300, that's probably why nobody remembers them lol.

1879d ago
Godmars2901879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Unbunch your undies gents...or ladies. Just know given what the internet is somebody someone became a devoted fan of something which had little to no real chance on the commercial market despite it's associative brand name. Just like sites wrote articles promoting them.

Where does the phrase "undies in a bunch" come from anyway?

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Deadpooled1879d ago

So many loony articles hyping it up as the 'console killer' lmao, look what happened, people saw sense that they've already had 'steam boxes' called PCs and could hook up a hdmi from it to their TVs

starchild1879d ago

There really weren't many articles, if any, saying these Steam Machines would kill consoles. The vast vast majority of people knew they wouldn't kill off consoles. Most people to whom PC gaming appeals prefer to build their own custom PCs. That's one of the most enjoyable things about PC gaming for many people: that you can make it your own --customize it to your own tastes and preferences.

Ysmir67231878d ago

consoles kiled themselves.

CrimsonGuardVII1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

The Numbers of All of there total sales would disagree.

Shubhendu_Singh1879d ago

Lack of market demand.....more like, There was no market in the first place.

Steam Machine didn't bring the best of both worlds, its bring the worst of both worlds.
Didn't had the flexibility of a PC, didn't had the ease of the Consoles. It is stuck in purgatory somewhere.

Fin_The_Human1879d ago

Wait unit E3 ;)

MS has a surprise for us.

starchild1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

An affordable windows-based pre-built PC could gain some attention.

I still think one of the biggest problems facing the Steam Machines is that they were stuck with Linux, which has limited game support.

Fin_The_Human1879d ago

Exactly Star Child...don't get me wrong Linux is a good open source operating system but has miles to go before it reaches Windows install base.

MS will surprise everyone with the XB1 Steam machine hybrid.

kraenk121879d ago

It's definitely possible the Scorpio will be a Steam compatible machine.

lelo2play1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Steam Machines were DOA... Most people suspected it. Even Valve wasn't confident about Steam Machines, that's why they didn't invest specifically in the hardware, instead letting other companies like Alienware take the risk.
Steam Machines were just way too confusing to the average user with way too many different hardware configs. The whole thing was a mess from the get go.

daynnight3651879d ago

Don't forget, some were cheap but you got cheap parts. To get the good version u had to drop hella doe

Scatpants1879d ago

Also the good ones were like $1200.