Valkyria Chronicles II Is Finally Available for Download on PS Vita

No one really knew why Valkyria Chronicles 2 for PSP wasn’t available for download on PS Vita, especially considering that it was possible to play it with a workaround. The good news is that now it is, no workarounds required.

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naruga961d ago (Edited 961d ago )

seriously this adds value to the Vita...the game is very well made (comparable to VC1) and was only available on PSP before this ...

TheColbertinator961d ago

Had to go through several loopholes to download VC2 and Phantasy Star 2 to my Vita

961d ago
Freeball961d ago

Couldn't you just download it to your PS3 and then transfer it to your Vita before? I've had it on my Vita for a while now. This process wasn't very difficult to begin with, but a direct download is nice.

himdeel961d ago

Yep. Ive had it on my Vita for months as well. Just uploaded from ps3.

HawaiianDreads961d ago (Edited 961d ago )

Sweet just beat the remaster, so I don't mind double dipping to buy this gem again.

Woot! Apparently I bought this game digital and not the UMD. Won't lie this is wonderful news for me.

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