New The Sims 4 Patch destroys gender barriers

There will be a few changes with the new The Sims 4 Patch. There will be no more gender restriction in the Create-A-Sim-Mode.

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Kalebninja2559d ago

Don't care for the reason it was done but i don't get why it was there in the first place, even the Saints Row games lets you put a bikini and pigtails on a guy.

annoyedgamer2559d ago

Can always count on EA to keep up with the latest SJW fad.

pompombrum2559d ago

Well of course, that way any legitimate criticism aimed at their business practices can be deflected and spun in their favour.

annoyedgamer2559d ago

Next they will allow men into the women's restrooms....oh wait

MagicBeanz2559d ago

Pandering to the sickos of society.

Goldby2559d ago

Or just giving people who are transgender a sim in a game. Dont like it do t play as one.

This isnt about the sickos. Its about equality.

opinionated2559d ago

But if they think they are female why wouldn't they just make a female? Why would they want to keep their dangly bits? There are only 2 genders, that's not a social construct it's biology.

Legion212559d ago

@Stonewall technically gender is a social construct. Sex is biological part, there is a difference.

Goldby2559d ago

Gender is actually a social construct. To help us identify with others that are like us. And beyond your small mind. People arent always born a woman or a man. Some are born with both genetailia, cases where there they arent born with any.

Transgenders are either a female or a male who identifies with the opposite sex.
Deep in their core they feel they are either male or female, which is different from what we see on the surface unless recontructive and plastic surgery is completed.

opinionated2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

There is no difference.

Lmao! I have a small mind because I don't buy into your bullshit? I'm not the one who is confused here...

Yeah, if you identify with the opposite sex... There are 2, you are one or the other. If you are making a game character based on yourself and you are trans that hates your oppressive shell then why would carry that oppression into your role playing? Why wouldnt you just make a female?

Salooh2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )


From my point of view. It is all emotional. They create and choose these feelings than grow them instead of fixing and confronting their issues. It is very rare when someone born a man and have woman parts ( Or the opposite ) and even than he must go with his genes because that's what he is as a gender and he should be who he is. Genes cannot be changed and even if it is changed there will be consequences( The negatives will over come the positives of that change because we humans do mistakes , we don't know the full picture so it is very dangerous ).

There are many gays that get back to being straight and the opposite, some go both ways at the same time ( Edit : I think they already named them xP ). So it is a choice, it is not something you are born with.

Your point destroy their claims lol

Goldby2558d ago


Homosexuality, Transgenders, Pansexuals, a sexuals, heterosexuals and bisexuals never choose what they want to be.

do you really think someone wakes up one morning when they are little and think. Today, i am goign to choose to be oppressed for the rest of my life, im choosing to be made fun of because im different than other people. i choose to live a life that would have me killed depending where i live. Really man?

It's not a choice, it never was, and never will be. just like how you cant choose the natural color of your skin or the color of your eyes. i never chose to be attracted to both sexes, it just happened.

so to feed your claim that it is a choice, and you arent born with it, When did you choose to be straight. when did you run up to your mommy and daddy and tell the whole world that you decided to be straight.

Salooh2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

With your logic, What's next ?. Having sex with animals will be a natural thing. Same goes for incest..etc So it is not a valid reason. Anyone can do anything he want and say it is how he is born with (it's his nature) when in reality it is clearly not the case.

It is a choice( You have the right to choose it but doesn't make it the right decision and this personal decision shouldn't effect the society when practiced by the individual ), the way you describe my point of view is wrong . I said you grow these feelings. You don't accept to be gay immediately, you learn about it, think about it, choose it, justify it the way you want and you even can convert to straight and there are many cases shows that. It is a process that you gain over time and you can treat it too if you are willing to change. It is a decision you make just like how you decide you want to drink alcholo , your body doesn't welcome it and yet you do it because you choose to do it for feelings , it have some benefits but obviously it's negatives are way more. But in the end, It is up to you to decide despite the effect on society . So from how i see it, if your genes says you are a man than you will always be a man no matter what you do to your body and how you act and feel. All these things will not change who you really are inside.

No one can choose where he is born or their gender and i explained my definition of gender. Does gays have something superior than us to have the ability to change it ?. No i don't think so. lol

I will give you an example: If a man sleep with a woman you call him heterosexual. At the next point in the future If the same person decide to only sleep with men you will call him Homosexuality and justify that he was confused and that's what he really is. If the same person at another point decide that he like it both way than you will call him Pansexuals and you will give it another justification.. and so on....

That's what i mean by a process and choice.

As i said, that's just how i see it. Just my point of view. Unless it is not welcomed than peace.

Goldby2558d ago


Who i choose to have a relationship, based on feeling i have no control over doesnt affect society at all.

And the very fact that you are relating honosexuality or transgenders to incest and beastiality proves that you yourself need some education on the subject.

As for you example. I wouldnt call him homosexual, but a bisexual based on his history. Because after all, he had attraction towards women and men.

As for your converting? That form of therapy that goes on behind closed doors is worse than you could possibly think, it consists of abuse and degregation until the person feels so ashamed being gay the only hope at a normal life at that point is to believe what ever they hear. If they heard paint wad the way to heaven, theyd paint every house. That form of therapy is illegal in canada now

Salooh2558d ago

All of them are the same thing(Incest,gay,sex with animals..etc), they all can be justified with the same reason you gave me, These are things that most of people don't do for at least hundreds of years. They consider it wrong and unnatural. Gays are minorities and they are going against most people , both sides need to deal with reality. Be realistic here , so please don't act emotional.

I just explained why there are gays in my point of view, it's up to you to decide if it's reasonable or not based on your intention, reason and knowledge. I really hope you are trying to understand my points here before you talk.

As for your respond about my example, you are saying he was always bisexual from beginning based on that history. But what i showed you is that it is a process. He can go on and change his mind as much as he want and than make a last decision to stick at one sex preference. Such process shows that it is something he learn and choose from that process. That's my point. There are many cases and even you should relate since you claim you are more educated than me about the subject which relate to what i said. That's why i said it is all based on choice.

That's just my point of view so i hope you understand it.

Please don't generalize all converters. I know people who converted with their own will. You could be right for some people but be reasonable and never generalize :D.

I am against forcing someone for such decisions. It is his/her right to choose if they want to be gay and only GOD can judge them for what they do and i really hope they have a valid justification for their actions ^^ but sadly that's very hard to see so far and i leave it to GOD after i advice. I for one believe that this life is a test for all of us so we are all the same as human aspect( we all brothers/sisters in humanity). So i seek to provide a peaceful environment so that people can have the same opportunity to choose and practice what they believe as long we are peaceful and never try harming each other in any way. That's what i want but that's not reality, reality is much brutal and i try to make this kind of thinking work at least within my self and to those who are around me and i try to handle unjust and hard choices as best as i could , yes i do mistakes but i don't mean it and i try to repent and fix them.

Salooh2558d ago

You don't have to read this but it really explain how i see life as a muslim and it will explain how i am against the idea that children are born with such thing you claim they have from beginning :

I believe that all children are born the same and all of them are innocent until they have the ability to learn and choose, we all born in places we don't choose.etc so we all have different experiences, so if for example some parents taught their kid to do something wrong and he did it than he is not accountable because he still haven't reached that level of mind where he reccognise what's right or wrong so GOD made every kid innocent so that if something bad happen to them before reaching that ability than they will enter heaven. It is unreasonable to expect a child to be born with such thing , children doesn't have that kind of feelings.

If you reached the ability then the test start and you have to meet requirements so that ALLAH keeps guiding you in this test to the right path. You have to be humble and honest in your heart , never act arrogant, always question things, always question if you understood it right, always try seeking knowledge/truth and never ignoring it, always act based on knowledge, always regret what you did wrong and try to fix your mistakes. These are only fair things and any decent human would agree. As long you are constant with these things you will most likely lean to truth. Even if you didn't find truth or you thought you did when in reality you didn't , you still gonna have a better excuse when confronting ALLAH and you will humble your self to ALLAH instead of finding excuses so you will ask for forgiveness and ALLAH may forgive you since he knows your intentions and everything despite your mistakes.

Goldby2558d ago


If its a choice, being homosexual, transgender, bisexual, or any orientation than its the same for heterosexual. So i guess you and i have the exact same percentage of having sex with an animal. Or having sex with a family memeber.

Does that sound odd to you? Vuz its only a 50% vhance that tomorrow you wont have sex with a dog, just like i have a 50% chance by your idea.

Guess what, animals that dont have our social structure of whats right and wrong based on religous and history have homosexual tendencies just like humans.

I have nothing against your religion or anyone as long as it doesnt infringe on other peoples rights, and one if those rights is to not have those sorts of assumptions put against them, just like every christian doesnt want to be seen as a KKK, a catholic doesnt want to be associated with pedophile priests, and muslims dont want to be associated with the islamic state.

Gays dont want to be associated with incest or beastiality because they are further apart than any of the examples i. Mentioned above. Its one thing to have attraction to someone of the opposite sex, its a completely different thing to be attracted to another species.

Ill finish this with something very simple. Please get some information about this topic, and if you have these negative views towards us, keep them to yourself. Ive tried to be as polite as i can. Please do the same.

After all its a choice we may in your view, so any associations you have with homosexuality can also be placed on heterosexuality, so if you woulsnt like be compared to that, than dont expect us to. Like it either.

Peace be to you

Salooh2558d ago

Animals act by instincts only , we humans have unique abilities (Hope you read my last comment because it explained what are these abilities), if you admire your humanity you will not place your self in such a level.

There are no chances in this subject. So yes, It's a choice after that ability. However, choices =/= all are right thing for humanity and i explained to you many times why heterosexual is the only natural and right way. You are born from a woman that uses a man sperm( No other way ), that's the main function of sex. Your gender is already been decided when you are in your mother belly , you are either a boy or a girl and genes shows that, babies and children are innocents , they don't have such things, after gaining the abilities that's when things become choices. that's very simple thing to understand. Your counters are always emotional. I don't mind if that's your decision but it's not as reasonable and from my point of view if you meet ALLAH your justification is not valid because you chose it despite you knowing it's not the natural way. In the end it's up to you as long you understand my point. If you ignore it then good luck living your instinct life :(.

As i said, it's your right to do such things as long you are not effecting society. Act normal like any decent human being. Try to be helpful, kind.etc. The only way you will see react is when you act inappropriately in public and the same thing will happen when heterosexual act inappropriately.

Homosexual,Bisexual,incest..e tc are all different acts(that's why they are named differently). But as i said they are being justified with the same reason and for me and GOD in my perspective it's not enough and really a waste that you would ignore such natural way, Denying your body for such reasons shows ungratefulness from you .

I was very clear, again , i really hope you get it this time. That's all i am asking.

Salooh2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

This is not an attack, i consider this as a discussion. We all are in a learning environment :). So forgive me if i did a mistake , it wasn't my intention. I hope that we both stay away from arrogance and learn each other point so that we can make decisions based on knowledge. Peace to you.

MagicBeanz2556d ago

No its about forced acceptance.

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2pacalypsenow2558d ago

No gender is not a choice or idea , it's biology science.

Legion212558d ago

Gender is a construct, sex on the other hand is biological science determined by your chromosomes.

2pacalypsenow2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

And the Sex separates Male and Female, Men have A Penis Woman a vagina used for conceiving children and if you happen to be born with both then that's a deformity its not normal, putting on heels and wearing makeup doesn't make you a Female, just like me walking on fours and pooping in a litter box doesn't make me a Cat

MrAfrika2559d ago

Jesus Christ.....just go ahead and add a patch for "proper pronouns" to use for these gender benders.

Immorals2559d ago

Hooray, now I can drown bearded lesbians!

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