Dev on Assetto Corsa PS4/Xbox One: PS4 version required graphics engine rewrite

Assetto Corsa will be debuting this coming summer on PS4 and Xbox One, and developer Kunos Simulazioni is hard at work on bringing the racer to current-gen systems.

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joeorc2938d ago

Of course, as expected..Game engine made 1st for DirectX Api..and not for Sony's Graphics Api..for their console's.

What else is new.

Aenea2938d ago

It goes against what a lot of people (who don't know anything about programming) seem to believe. How many times I've heard "PS4 and PCs have the same architecture now, porting is easy!" it's crazy.

Dee_912938d ago

funny, i've heard "PS4 and PCs have the similar architecture now, porting will be easier!" in comparisons to last gen.. seems we hear what we want to hear.

I have faith in KS. I had the earlier builds on pc and boy they have come a long with refining and optimization since.

babadivad2938d ago

Well you can create Open GL games on PC. Same as the PS4 uses.

JackBNimble2938d ago

But isn't that what the devs have been telling us?

NeoGamer2322938d ago

Architecture is in many forms.

From a console perspective there is the physical hardware architecture and then there is the architecture of the operating system and the programming environment.

I think when people say PS4 is similar to PC architecture they are talking hardware. But, when it comes to the OS and programming environment most game developers start with Windows and DirectX. Rather then with other OSes and programming environments.

SolidStoner2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

well talking about development about games this comes to my mind!
This game is in development for about 5+ years or even more (released early in 2013)... and this is how it works for simulation games! you make it and then refine and update it constantly... like any sim does, like GT or other titles on PC... definitely not forza because its a yearly title GT is made since 1998 for example, and forza in 2005, making already more games than anything.. soon will be 7 (not to mention open world arcade crap, dont remember its name, shift, shizzle, wizle, lets call it NFS!).. you see what im on about.. its a Ridge racers really.. comming out every year.. milking it out as much as they can, because fan base is very small (because its an exclusive) and MS needs more money..

Assetto Corsa does it right, they finish and polish the game for many years now.... they got my attention and I will buy the game on a console (hope it will be without those PC bugs!) cant wait to try it out again with my T300!

Aenea2937d ago

Nope, the PS4 is not using OpenGL, that's a misconception many people seem to have as well, they use their own APIs...

Yes, it's become simpler because the PS4 uses just CPU cores and multithreading can then be approached the same way as on the other platforms while on the PS3 there was only one core and if you wanted to process stuff outside of that one you had to use those hard to code for SPUs. And since the CPU is now also x86 for all the target platforms, CPU optimisations can be used on all of them as well.
But the graphics APIs are different so a game engine needs to be ported to use the different API, the game code though (that uses the game engine) should be rather easy.
Optimisations to make a game run smoothly on one particular platform can be done in both, though I suspect that most of that is still going to have to be done in the game engine.

ZeroX98762937d ago

Easier to develop for would be the appropriate saying. There's always a barrier from platform to platform, but I think Sony closed the gap a bit by switching to x86.

OpenGL2937d ago

The PS4 uses two custom graphics APIs known as GMN and GMNX.

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AuToFiRE2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

@babadivad No.And OpenGL is outdated anyway, PC now has Vulkan

jairusmonillas2938d ago

No one asked for your game though so it's like it matters. lol

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Aenea2938d ago

The only games that are actually asked for are sequels, so if devs wouldn't make games people aren't asking for we would not get new IPs ever!

tee_bag2422938d ago

Speak for yourself, 15 people seem to agree that sentiment so far.

OC_MurphysLaw2937d ago

@jairusmonillas nobody asked for your opinion either and yet there it is. I would argue most of the best games over time have been games that "nobody asked for". They just came out and we embraced when they were good.

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dcbronco2938d ago

I really have a hard time believing anything these developers say nowadays. The architectures aren't that different. The Microsoft APU might be more similar to Intel CPUs since I believe they are using edram in their design now. But I haven't look at it much. Just like I never believe a PC/PS4 developers claims of small teams I don't buy into this either until I know what Intel is doing.

Aenea2937d ago

You are totally forgetting that the PS4 is using Sony's own APIs to access the GPU and the OS functions while Windows and Xbox use DirectX and Windows APIs.

That it's the same architecture makes it easier in other areas like writing assembly code to optimise routines or not having to worry about too many differences in the C++ compilers and their optimisations. Also since the PS3 didn't have regular multiple cores (they had one and several of those hard to code for SPUs) it was difficult to even port over the C++ code, since now PCs, the Xbox One and the PS4 use x86 cores multithreading stuff is easily ported as well.

InTheZoneAC2937d ago

I bought project cars day 1, couldn't even control the throttle to not spin out even with wheels straight, warm tires, and gentle throttle. Never in any real car or racing game have I ever had such a problem maintaining a straight line or accelerating.

I'll pass on this game and probably pass on GT Sport as well, waiting for GT7.

Vedo2937d ago

Assetto Corsa is NOTHING like pCars. Pcars is an arcade compared to AC. Realistic does not mean hard, try AC and you'll realise this.

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