Letters to Developers: Mario Paint Wii

There hasn't been enough good "art" games in the history of video gaming, but the most memorable game in this area hands down is Mario Paint. Borrowing the immortal Mario name but scarcely having anything to do with it, Mario Paint rests in history as one of the only original IPs that Nintendo hasn't dug up.

Question... why not? Looking at the Wii's hardware, an update to one of the Super Nintendo's most beloved games is more than within reason. Looking at the the logistics of rebooting this IP and the fun modes involved should tell developers: "Make this game!"

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indiemike3702d ago

What a nice video. I'm going to have to go play this game now.

ChickeyCantor3702d ago

I was actually looking for the Theme you hear the moment you are in the main screen(not title screen). but that song is in there at the end.