Leaked Red Dead Redemption 2 (Or Remaster?) Screenshot?

In the most believable leak to date, a Redditor has managed to find a screenshot from what appears to be either a Red Dead Redemption Remastered (or sequel).

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Crazyglues1690d ago

Ok this is as fake as a 3 dollar bill first thing right off the back is the clouds, why does it have different clouds... cloud on the left is a totally different design from cloud on the right, now you can have different type of clouds in a game, different time of day, but not different clouds in the same scene at the same exact time of day. Come on' -So that's a fake.

Also reason this is fake, the logo at the bottom looks like someone copied the Red Dead logo and pasted it on the box, because the redemption is right on the line, something a company would never do because their professional and check stuff like that to make sure it's centered.

Plus graphics look like a PS3 remaster, and I'm 100 percent sure RockStar didn't work on this for the last few years for them to just make a re-master... again this is fake.. period.

Nice try but all the way fake..

yomfweeee1690d ago

It's supposedly concept art from 4+ years ago.

raWfodog1690d ago

Actually you can have different cloud types in the sky at the same time. Specifically with Altocumulus clouds:

"The most common mid cloud, more than one layer of Altocumulus often appears at different levels at the same time. Many times Altocumulus will appear with other cloud types."

This is no way proves or disproves whether the image is fake or not, just thought I'd put that out there :)

ONESHOTV21690d ago

yeah some most countries with small amounts of pollution has clouds like that i dont know if you grew up in a city with high pollution but the sky is like that in many places. where i'm from the clouds are like that but since i have moved to NY you won't find clouds like that. you get what i'm saying hope i'm not confusing you

Crazyglues1690d ago

@ raWfodog

Well this is true for real life, but game developers don't do this, they make the same clouds all over the game, it would not make sense to do it in game, for something your just looking at.. So no, there is no other game that has ever done this, and no game would, unless maybe if your a flying game, but for a game where your not even in the sky, not going to happen... too much work for something people probably wouldn't even notice.. I'm pretty sure the pic is 100 percent fake..

IcarusOne1690d ago


yeah, because skies don't matter for westerns, what with their romanticized frontier, wide open west, and manifest destiny and all.

Crazyglues1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

@ IcarusOne

Dude seriously, it's too different skies... what developer in there right mind would make two different skies in the same pic, it's most likely photoshoped... half the pic from something the other half from something else, that's what gives it away, I mean seriously you think this is what it looks like in game, dynamic sky on a remaster.. ??? are you serious..

I'll tell you what, everyone who thinks it's real post a comment saying, "I'm a Believer" under this comment and nothing else, and I will buy you a brand new digital copy of the game when it's announced - at e3.. Has to be Red Dead redemption -Remastered and coming out for PS4.

And I will buy copies for all who reply to this...

poppinslops1690d ago

@Crazy - Skies aside, that's NOT a location from RDR... You're right - it's fake.

Angeljuice1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

There are many different types of cloud that occupy different levels in the stratosphere.
That doesn't prove anything, especially in a still picture.

guitarded771690d ago

@Crazyglues - It may well be fake, but your assertions don't prove anything. I live in South Central Texas (Part of the game's setting), and we often have skies like this. You have high layers and low layers of different clouds.

I don't know if the shot is real or not, but being so certain about yourself when you don't know either is very bold of you.

KiwiViper851689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

Why would a photoshopper cut 2 differnet skies into one picture?...

mogwaii1689d ago

Not sure of the screenshots validity but you can have different cloud forms in the sky at the same time, a lot of things in games can seem unrealistic then when seen in real life can make you think "How bizzare", for example water ripples in games, i was playing something (cant remember exactly what) and thought to myself "the way that water is rippling looks crap" then next time i caught a plane i made a point of watching the sea below me and to my surprise it looked just like in the game, lol.

TheSaint1689d ago

You can have two different types of cloud in the sky at the same time.

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boing11690d ago

Looks like CryEngine. I would say it's a fake.

suli123451689d ago

You havent really observed the cryengine very well have you. this is pure RAGE

boing11689d ago

Did you? I worked on two projects made on CryEngine.

joab7771689d ago

It doesn't matter. This game is 100% in production right now.

naji20041689d ago

looks like fake 3ds max render to me.

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oof461690d ago

Please be real...and not a remaster.

sk8ofmnd1690d ago

I think it might be both a remaster and a new game. Thats the smartest way.

MachuchalBrotha3161690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Probably a sequeal with RDR via BC for Xbox.. or Remaster. I'll take either.

yellowgerbil1690d ago

that image is definitely not a sequel, the lighting isn't good enough to look next gen. Though if it is a remaster that is still awesome.

Fin_The_Human1690d ago

Could be prealpha footage.

Segata1690d ago

Yeah they would not release concept art for PS5 yet since Next Gen does not exist yet

Fin_The_Human1690d ago

Not sure how much MS offered R* for marketing rights and exclusive DLC but smart move MS.

Fin_The_Human1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Lon3wolf...I was referring to the rumours that have been floating around where MS will have an XBox 1 Slim bundle with Red Dead Redemption and Nightmares included and Red Dead Redemption 2 with exclusive DLC.

If true this might move some consoles for MS.

Edit: Reckless R* is not new at exclusive content... Look at the DLC that MS for GTa 4 and Sony paying for agent.

Srgt Pepper: I don't like it either but its part of being a business, sure in a perfect world we would want MS and Sony ti spend that money on First party games but reality is that majority of gamers are sheep so exclusive COD DLC or Battlefield DLC plays a vital roll on which platform the sheep will buy the game for.

IIFloodyII1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )


The reason Agent was going to be PS3 exclusive was because Sony funded a large part of LA Noire's development before giving Rockstar the publishing rights, in-return R* offered Agent. The fact you didn't know that make's me really doubt you know anything about any upcoming R* agreements, any source?

I also doubt Rockstar would even be willing to offer any exclusive stuff anymore, they don't need either MS or Sony to push their games, and make far too much money for it to ever be a worthwhile.

Kaneki-Ken1690d ago

First, where did you put up this information from that Xbox got a deal because clearly I didn't find it on the article.

Kingthrash3601690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Wait...Scared of what? Exactly?
Say if it were true, why would someone be scared of dlc? To put it in your perspective why would a sony fanboy be scared of dlc? Or rights to dlc or what not? Lol we using dlc as ammo?? Lol you do realize that makes like no impact on any fear for anyone....not even to the companies it actually matters to.

Reckless_Love1690d ago

Marketing rights, sure.

Platform exclusive DLC or lengthy timed exclusivity is just a pile of doo doo. Developers telling customers that publisher money is more valued than the consumers overall experience.

SgtPepper18061690d ago

This. I'm more of an Xbox guy than PS, but I lose all respect for deva and publishers when they make platform exclusive content and then charge the same price for a lesser game on one console. COD is annoying but okay because it's only a month, Destiny disgusts me since by the time Xbox gets the content it's useless.

Lon3wolf1690d ago

Ah thanks for clearing that up was confused completely (not hard with the flu at the moment :D) and thought you had intel on some RDR 2 deal :)

nevin11690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

"not hard with the flu at the moment"

Are you eating chicken soup?

Lon3wolf1690d ago


No it's not bird flu honest, hides tins of bird soup :). Yes and lots of chemicals I mean remedies :)

mafiahajeri1690d ago

The beauty of Rockstar games is that they don't need to succumb to MS's greed, there that big :) and dont give me that, "Sony do it too crap" , MS started the trend, fight fire with fire is what Sonys doing.

Exclusive DLC from Rockstar xD

bouzebbal1690d ago

Do you get % of each console sold?
Halo didn't move consoles, Titanfall, QB, SO didn't either.. How can a multiplatform title move consoles?

TwoForce1690d ago

Really ? Are you that dumb ?

Antifan1690d ago

Did you dream that last night? The bed must of been so wet lmao.

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Shuckylad1690d ago

I'd be very happy if the original was remastered and bundled with a full blown sequel.

Lon3wolf1690d ago

Don't think you'd be alone in that and a PC release would be welcomed too by many I am sure.

Segata1690d ago

The original is Red Dead Revolver. Redemption is the second in the series

Shuckylad1689d ago

Tho true, my comment is based on the title of this article.