LittleBigPlanet Bundle in Europe CONFIRMED

A European LittleBigPlanet bundle has just been confirmed for 399 Euros. It should be reminded that the pack will contain a DUALSHOCK3 controller and 80GB of HDD. Full details after the jump.

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whateveryousay5578d ago

To be honest, I sort of expected a U.S. bundle for this as well

nos4speed5578d ago

I have a feeling sony are expecting it to do better in europe, americans are more of the shoot first build levels l8er type :P

seraph pinion5578d ago

William Burroughs would've made his level WITH a shotgun.
Ahh, Americans and guns, goin' together like ho's & d!ck since 1776.

nos4speed5578d ago

bada ba ba ba Im lovin it, bubbles for you :P, no offense to americans, hell I have bush in my dp and an american flag on my wall

InfiniteUnfloppery5578d ago

This bundle will do extremely well in the EU territories.

whateveryousay5578d ago

"I have a feeling sony are expecting it to do better in europe, americans are more of the shoot first build levels l8er type :P "

In that case, a Resistance 2 bundle should do nicely

gaffyh5578d ago

Kinda obvious they would make an LBP bundle, but thank God they announced it early. Now people can preorder in anticipation. LBP FTW.

IzKyD13315578d ago

this would also do good in the US, they should have released the 160 GB bundled with this, and Uncharted later

sack_boi5578d ago (Edited 5578d ago )

... for this is THA awesome sauce!

I was waiting for the game to get a PS3, and now I see the game will be bundled with a PS3. How sweet is that!? Thx a lot Sony

King_many_layers5578d ago

I wouldn't go counting out a US bundle yet. I doubt they're going to go letting this one get away.

Should be a pretty big hit, word of mouth and great marketing should make this one sell well for a long time.

solidt125578d ago

LBP is about to take over the world.

PimpHandStrong5578d ago

more like

shoot 1st and rebuild levels later!


shouldnt really joke about the destruction my ppl can bring!

and any

NOS is weak! Big Block V-8 all day.....yea thats right!

Silly juiced imports!

nos4speed5578d ago

haha, I love muscle but the nissan skyline is a god.

whoelse5578d ago

Good, it will be a WINNER.

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heyheyhey5578d ago

you don't have THAT many bubbles..

EDIT: oh yeah and...

RIP Xbox 360 x7

InfiniteUnfloppery5578d ago (Edited 5578d ago )

RIP Xbox 360 X9

zapass5578d ago (Edited 5578d ago )

F@CK XBOLLOX360 X11000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000

Sony fans: I need some bubbles to annoy the sh!t out of xbots!
They're trying to shut me up

ICUP5578d ago

RIP Xbox 360 x12. :)