PAX 2008 line-up from the big 3 - Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo

VGB writes: The Penny Arcade Expo 2008 (PAX 2008) will be running all weekend, from August 29th to August 31st.

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jkhan3703d ago

Gears 2 & Fable 2 are the ones I am interested in 360 section. While in PS3 section I am more looking forward to LittleBigPlanet, Resistance 2, SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift.
This list is missing killzone 2 and Infamous in PS3 section. While Project Origin and Lego Batman shouldn't only be under 360 section.

Grahammad3703d ago

GG has already said they wont be there. They are still recovering from the time off to go to Leipzig to ready another demo, they are instead going straight to work on getting the beta preperations done and continue a bit harder on the actual development. ;)

Fishy Fingers3703d ago

So that's it. Or should we expect surprises? PAX is unknown to me, is it a big show?

TheWickedOne3703d ago

I wouldn't expect any big surprises

barom3703d ago

There are usually minor announcements. Nothing big, but they usually reveal the small details of a game like introducing new characters or wutnot.

Don't expect anything big

Raoh3703d ago

TGS is looking like its going to be the show of the year

kittoo3703d ago

E3 was lackluster, Sony stole Leipzig by default (not to say they werent great there. They are great everywhere) but didnt actually make any huge announcement.
At TGS I expect TeamICO game, WKS, Wardevil and about one or two more exclusives from Sony (come on, where the hell is that BBC reported game?)
Also, while thiking about it, I just started thinking about 360, which games they have next year? I mean exclusives?
Sony has inFamous, WKS, GoW3, Heavy rain, Killzone 2, Next from Insomniac, probably next from Naughty dog, Gran Turismo 5 and some more which I sure am forgetting. MS has what? Some RARE game and Halo wars? Thats it?

doshey3703d ago

i want to know if they are going to say anything about r2's ARG thing

JOLLY13703d ago

I don't know what the arg thing is though. If you explain maybe I can tell you if they were talking about it.

doshey3703d ago

the whole project Abraham stuff like that basically the story behind resistance

Mc Fadge3703d ago

The last clue lead a GPS position of the PAX warehouse :3

pow3r of t3h c3ll3703d ago

The M$ line up is the laughing stock of the industry

LevDog3703d ago

Isnt it though.. I want someone to make a side by side comparison of month to month game releases.. Just to prove how pathetic and anemic 360s line up is..

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