Gamervision: PAX 08: Hands-On Demigod

GV reports:

''Ever since I first heard about Demigod I have been excited, anxiously awaiting the full-versioned realization of the genre Defense of the Ancients invented, with powerful characters waging war on enemies while trying to destroy their enemy's base and defend their own against waves and waves of minions. When I saw that the developers would be at the Penny-Arcade expo I made sure to leave several timeslots open for attack, waiting until the perfect time to jump onto a demo station and give it a few minutes of my time.

The best description of Demigod I can give for anyone who hasn't played a game like it before is a strange, RTS-third person adventure hybrid. It has similar aspects of a shooter like Team Fortress 2, where the gameplay involves attack and defend strategy and team play, and other aspects more similar to a battlefield game like Star Wars: Battlefront, where non-player character enemies serve as barriers between yourself and your goal. Each level has several objectives to complete, like destroying an enemy's base and taking down their towers, and the enemies and opposing team need to defend their own base while trying to destroy their foes'.''

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