Gamervision PAX 08: Hands-On Rise of the Argonauts

GV reports:

''After being nominated for many awards at E3 I was excited to get my hands on Rise of the Argonauts at PAX, getting hold of an Xbox 360 controller and seeing what was so special about this Greek adventure. The opening cinematic showed off some great directorial work as Jason and his fiancé prepared a traditional Greek wedding as an assassin prepared a poisonous arrow in a similar fashion, preparing to deliver a quick end to their marriage. His arrow hit her chest, and the story of Rise of the Argonauts kicked off.

The assassin was revealed to be a member of a group who believes the princess's assassination would bring fourth their rise to power, and the player is given control of Jason as he hunts down the archer. Combat is split into heavy and light attacks and distributed over several weapons including a spear, sword, and mace. Each weapon has its patron deity, but I will get to that later. The different weapons all have their own style of fighting and players can switch between them mid-combo for devastating attacks. A few swipes with a sword and a tap of the right bumper switches to the mace, which knocks the dazed opponent back, and another tap brings out the spear for the final blow. Not every weapon can be combined with another seamlessly, but there are many powerful attacks that reward the player for experimenting with this interesting mechanic.''

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FCOLitsjustagame3705d ago

I want this game far more then Tales of Vesperia (which is good), IU or even Mercenaries... But I will get those to kill the time till this one comes out I guess.