G4TV: The Definition Of Hardcore Gaming

John Manalang writes:

''Since I've logged over 80 hours of gameplay in SquareSoft's classic PSone RPG Xenogears, I knew I was up to something. Aside from the probability of never achieving contact with a female, the sensation of "hardcore" gaming was all over me. It was like when I first pressed the A button and watched Mario stomp an oompa. It was like landing that knock-out punch to Glass Joe in Punch Out. Just like using an elixir during a hectic Final Fantasy turn-based battle, the experience was refreshing.

But these days, I've been hearing several of my peers hosting many Wii Sports nights. Though the mix of pseudo-sports activities and hot wings seemed enticing, I was always hesitant in attending one. So one night, after cancelling my booked schedule consisting of nothing, I attend one of my buddy's Wii Sports event. I laughed. I played. And I laughed some more. But during my laughter, I asked myself, "Is this considered hardcore gaming", then immediately, I was pummeled down in Boxing.

So really, what's the definition of a "hardcore gamer"?''

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