Gamecyte Preview: Lord of the Rings: Conquest

Gamecyte reports:

''While browsing the games on display at last week's EA Studio Showcase, wandering from Henry Hatsworth to Battlefield Heroes and beyond, one particular game caught my eye for a few unusual reasons. For starters, the game had not been featured in the presentation earlier in the day, leaving my curiosity piqued enough for a closer look. The game in question was Lord of the Rings: Conquest from Pandemic Studios, an action title featuring the familiar faces and set-pieces from the movie trilogy. Of course, while everyone loves running around and carving up orcs, my initial thoughts were, "Didn't we play this game six years ago?" This line of thought was quickly derailed by a second one: "Did the game just say the new mission objective is to kill Gimli?" Needless to say, I had to sit down and give the game a try for myself.

Playing the game for more than a few moments reveals what's really at work in Lord of the Rings: Conquest; the game is structured very similarly to Star Wars: Battlefront, another Pandemic title from a few years back. Just like Battlefront, Conquest drops players into the middle of massive, pitched battles from the movies, and prompts them to accomplish a series of objectives in order to win the fight. Players are able to select from four different classes on the battlefield, and given a set number of respawns before the battle is irrevocably lost. Also, similar to Battlefront II, Conquest allows players to step into the role of specific heroes from LotR lore, allowing players to play as Gandalf, Legolas, or others, once specific objectives have been accomplished.''

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nos4speed3727d ago

Sounds ok but I would have prefered starwars battlefront 3 and Im sure im not alone when I say that.