Gamecyte Preview: The Godfather II

Gamecyte reports:

''From its humble origins as a PC, Xbox and PlayStation 2 title, The Godfather has built a veritable empire across every current-generation platform save the Nintendo DS - and aptly enough, sold like gangbusters doing so. So we weren't exactly surprised to hear that EA was creating a sequel.

What surprised, excited, and concerned us was that in that sequel, we weren't going to play a lone soldier who rises up the ranks - we were going to be Don.

At the 2008 EA Studio Showcase, we got our first glimpse into just what that does, and does not mean for aspiring Godfathers like yourself.

For the uninitiated, the basic Godfather formula is typically described as a blend of Grand Theft Auto's open-world gameplay, missions derived from the famous film, an emphasis on brutal fisticuffs to solve minor conflicts, and Punisher-esque intimidation sequences where your character extorts business owners to gain their respect - and their greenbacks - via the good ol' protection racket.

From what we could tell from the pre-alpha build on display, none of that has changed. In The Godfather II, players will performing the very same sorts of activities; only now, they'll go about them family-style… and while keeping an eye on the bigger picture.''

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