Thunderbolt Preview: PAX 08: Dead Space

Thunderbolt reports:

''Dead Space. Despite the name, the PAX booth was very much alive with people getting a first look at the gameplay, and Redwood Shores didn't disappoint. Dead Space follows the story of Issac Clarke, an engineer responding to a distress call from a malfunctioning space mining ship. Upon making contact with and docking on the ship, Issac finds that not only did the ship's crew not respond when hailed, there appears to be nobody alive on the ship either. To make matters worse, Issac and his two partners soon discover that the ship is now inhabited by a hostile alien race. Issac is soon separated from his colleagues and must fight his way to safety through claustrophobic corridors and often broken and malfunctioning machinery, as if dealing with aliens wasn't enough.''

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Dazel3703d ago

So little interest in what sounds like a great game. Come on guys if games like this don't do well dev's will keep churning out remake after remake. COD105 anyone, lol!