Gamecyte Preview: Henry Hatsworth and the Puzzling Adventure

Gamecyte reports:

''Based on the announcement made earlier this week, we already knew that Henry Hatsworth was going to be a mix of platforming and puzzle gaming, but how would it be handled? As cool as the idea sounded, I reserved a little skepticism going in - I thought the latter portion might simply be tacked on, providing at-whim bonuses and powerups to the former portion - or, worse, that the game might suffer from trying to do too many things at once. What I found, instead, were a handful of clever design choices that marry the two game types in very fun ways - several of which I hadn't expected at all. With Kyle Gray, Hatsworth's creative director, guiding my steps, I had the opportunity to play through the first couple of levels, and explore the strange and wonderful mechanics that the game introduces.

The platforming gameplay of Henry Hatsworth, taken on its own, is your usual fare: Henry can move with the D-Pad, jump with B, swing his cane with Y, and shoot some sort of laser-blunderbuss with A. Some well-executed button combinations give Henry a reasonable repertoire of fighting and shooting moves, and the whole ordeal is handled with amusing animation, character, and charm. The titular protagonist is a pleasant old chap with a monocle, greying moustache, and - naturally - a dapper derby hat. Hopping his way through five thematic worlds of 6 levels apiece, he beats up on little blue froggy things and beasties wearing suits of armor, all while traversing typical platform hazards like bottomless pits and floating ledges. It's a perfectly competent jump-and-bump, and could stand as its own game if it had to. Thankfully, it doesn't have to.''

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