Worthplaying Review: Hail To The Chimp

WP reports:

''When it comes to politics, calling me a pessimist would be an understatement. I'm not really a fan of serious topics, so I rely on satirical news such as Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report" to get my political fix. Wideload Games has taken the political satire of those shows and mixed it with the animal kingdom to create a party game that will determine the new king of the jungle in Hail to the Chimp for the Xbox 360.

Once you start up the game, a CNN-style broadcast plays on the main menu screen. News anchor/debate moderator Woodchuck Chumley gives you the latest headlines with occasional political debates, advertisements, and hilarious product commercials. Some notable stories include bunnies breeding like bunnies and a reference to a classic flash animation involving badgers and mushrooms. You can spend upwards of 30 minutes watching these hilarious broadcasts before realizing you haven't even pressed the Start button. You may even have more fun watching the main menu screen than playing the game.

That's a bold statement to say, but it's pretty true. The reason for this political turmoil is a recent scandal that has forced the lion, king of the jungle, to abdicate the throne. Now that the position is vacant, 10 candidates desperately want to take his place. The only method to do this is to skew the votes in their favor in the form of 16 politically themed mini-games.''

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