Now That The Xbox One is $299 What's Holding You Back?

The Xbox One has been off to a rocky start. With Microsoft often at times, cutting the price of the Xbox One. Now weeks before E3, Microsoft has yet again cut the price of their console down to a very tempting $299. So whats holding you back on pulling the trigger, on Xbox One? Poli Games host, Joseph, talks about what would hold him back and what the Xbox One's surprising strengths

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Abash1885d ago

Um the Xbox One has been $299 quite a lot this year and also during last holiday season. There have been tons of opportunities to get one at that price, it isn't really enticing at this point

Poli_Games1885d ago

Has it really? I knew it was 299$ In April, and during the holidays, but that's about it. What's makes it less enticing for you? If you don't mind me asking?

LordMaim1884d ago

Well for a new consumer, the incoming upgraded hardware for one. If I had known that there would be improved hardware four years into the cycle, I'd have waited.

kneon1884d ago

For me it's not enough exclusives that I care about, and now with most of them going to PC then there really is no point. If a game comes along that does interest me I can play it on PC with no need to buy another console for just a handful of games.

nX1884d ago

Microsoft is holding me back, we've all seen how fast they abandon their hardware if it's not meeting expectations anymore. The exclusives so far have not been enough to convince me that I really need a XB1 but maybe Scalebound can change that.

darthv721884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

I seem to recall the original xbox still getting software and technical support after the 360 released. Same with the 360 when the XB1 released.

As for this scorpio, it may very well be MS answer to compete with the NX in the sooner than expected 9th gen that is on the horizon. When it comes to the 8th gen, hell I still haven't gotten an xb1 or a PS4 and perhaps if these rumored newer systems are real then I will start seeing some super crazy deals on people offloading their existing units in preparation.

sometimes patience really pays off.

@below, so you are talking about 1st / 2nd party exclusives and not support overall. See i am looking at the bigger picture in that games released for a previous system are considered "support" in light of a new platform release. Games like Rise of Tomb Raider and Titanfall on 360 for example.

when i see people say "abandoned" I think it flat out ended, no more no less, that was it, done finished... when in reality it was not the case. We see things differently and that's okay.

1884d ago
Fatal-Aim1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

@ the title

Maybe it just doesn't have the TYPES of games some people prefer? Not everyone enjoys the shooter and racer genre, and this is where the console mainly excel at with their 1st and second party. Why do you think it is doing so badly in Japan and Europe? That strategy is only good in the states or the UK for them. People want diversity and I'm not talking about one or two poor ports just to wet their mouth.

Eonjay1884d ago

Amazon always has one available for 299 and Best Buy had a sale right before the official price drop.... when Quantum Break launched, there was also another temp sale that lasted ALL OF APRIL.

Testfire1884d ago

For me it's the games. I'm not a Halo guy. Gears is OK, but I liked Fable 2 and Crackdown better from last gen. So if we could get new entries to those franchises it would be enticing. Also I have Windows 10 and a good gaming PC now and it seems like many exclusives will be heading there so yeah, for me really no reason for an X1 at the moment.

Army_of_Darkness1884d ago

The fact that I can get 5+ ps4 games for that much is the reason why I still wouldn't get an xbone maybe?! LOL!

kickerz1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

@lord maim. So you would wait 4 years for a new console , if u knew there would be one .hahahahahhhahaha are u serious so for 4 years you would not play video games. Seems logical. Let's all up vote this ridiculous comment. Proves how many sheep on this site

XisThatKid1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

I'm sorry I own a PS4 I just don't need an X1 especially for 300$ that's still allot of money especially when you already have another console that's satisfying your gaming needs.
Not to mention it's been 300 before, the price isn't everything to everyone

whitesoxfalife19761884d ago

@lordmaim before the last gen, console life cycle has always been at 5 yrs at min this is no different. Resetting the clock thas all. Yet everybody going for rumors.
299 is the sweet spot for console gaming until 2017-18 then when new gen comes those prices will drop to 199.99(current gen). This is the same formula it just looks recoated to the newer gen gamers from the 360/ps3 era

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rainslacker1884d ago

I brought mine for $220 last October when you factor in an $50 Amazon Gift card, XBL sub, and a few games thrown into a bundle which sold for $359.

Poli_Games1884d ago

Sounds like an awesome deal! Why would anyone down vote that xD

trooper_1884d ago

The only thing that I would consider for XB1 is KI bit even then I can upgradr my PC and buy it.

Khaotic1884d ago

Yes but those were promo prices, now they will promo at $249

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Waterfall1011885d ago

Nothing has held me back..
Having the best games and features on any console is huge for me, im getting a slim at the end of the year, my brother is taking my current one and hopefully the scorpio rumors are true because i purchased a 4k tv two weeks ago!!

Poli_Games1885d ago

Very awesome! I'm glad you're enjoying your exprience. No matter what you game on, as long as your gaming and having fun, thats what counts!

Spenok1884d ago

This is absolutely the truth. If anyone says otherwise, they're wrong. Plain and simple.

MagicBeanz1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

I always love these comments, you can always tell they're trying to convince themselves.

@ Septic, says the guy replying to my comment, apparently the idea of irony is lost on you. The definition of Septic: "infected with bacteria". Sounds like a fitting name for you.

Gazondaily1884d ago

I love your kind of comment more. You can always tell which guy is so insecure that he gets annoyed by someone's enjoyment. Makes easy prey 😂

BEASELY1884d ago

And I love your kind of comments, Septic, enabling the mentality of flat-out objectifying the proclamation of "best games and features on any console," devoid of any subjective pre-fix whatsoever.

He can at least say "in my opinion," and by not doing so is clearly trying to start a flame-war. Naive of you to not see that. Selective reasoning, I suppose.

BEASELY1884d ago

And don't use a crying emojii, we're not 16 year old Instagram gals.

1884d ago
Gazondaily1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )


The comments I love EVEN more are of those myriad of users who need to be explicitly spoon fed about the subjective nature of people's sentiments, regardless of any disclaimer or the obvious form of the same.

"He can at least say "in my opinion," "

But catering to those who have an inability to grasp the obvious is a tiresome affair. Heck, I can even give you an example of me expressly stating that opinion but you and your ilk choose to ignore it. What to do eh?

Speaking of selective reasoning, I wonder if you could actually qualify your statement in light of MagicBeanz's comment. I am willing to bet you cannot based on his comments here.

"And don't use a crying emojii, we're not 16 year old Instagram gals."


BEASELY1884d ago

Your name is self-explanatory, need I say more? Dismissed.

BEASELY1884d ago

The declaration of a fanboy war and your acceptance of it is the only thing obvious here, septic tank.

Poli_Games1884d ago

Why can't we all just get along?!

Gazondaily1884d ago


Says he isn't a 16 year old girl on Instagram but calls me the wonderfully imaginative Septic tank. My days sir, you are incredibly intelligent.

I knew you wouldn't be able to qualify your nonsense assertions. Ah well, it's entertainment nonetheless ☺

AngelicIceDiamond1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

@Beasely Apparently you can't read he said FOR ME in other words his opinion. Either way you guys are incapable of simply letting others enjoy their platform you feel the need to "make it personal" whenever someone's happy with their product. Its like yelling at somebody who's eating and enjoying their pepperoni pizza THAT THEY PURCHASED because you prefer cheese. Childish insecurities at its finest go out, get a girlfriend experience life instead of bashing other ppls choices that they purchased what their hard earned money the last thing he needs is some little childish insecure 6 grade girl mentality of a fanboy mud slinging for no reason.

Don't treat ppl like shit for no reason.

Gol3m1884d ago

I think you should all go out, build a bridge and get over it. So much whining from both sides. But do find Septics name ironic and had a laugh. Sorry septic

BEASELY1884d ago

Ok, there's a lot to unpack here with this monstrosity of emotional text. I guess I'll start from the top.

Firstly, how about we begin with what I have apparently read wrong and what you have indeed read wrong. Let's expose who actually DOES NOT know how to read (you), go over the sentence, break it down and re-word it for your dolty brain.

"Having the best games and features on any console is huge for me."

So he's saying TO HIM, the console with (objectively, as the sentence reads) the best games and features is reason enough.

The 'for me' portion of his sentence relates to the reasoning, not the objective nature of his best games and features comment, which I honestly couldn't give a shit less about.

Now as far as you go, you're an emotional boy. You get upset that logic is in practice, so in-turn come to far-out conclusions of girlfriends and life enjoyment, making you look like a desperate ass.

Couple questions -

When did I bash his purchase?
Where's the evidence of my supposed fanboyism, as an owner of all consoles since PS1/N64?
When did I treat him like shit?

Stop crying. Don't overcompensate so hard when septic tank here subcribes to your lawyer services via DM, you'll just look dumb.

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Bobafret1884d ago

Silly disagrees. They just can't stand that you like something that they loathe.

1884d ago
notachance1884d ago

well people couldn't care less about what he likes, but 'Having the best games and features on any console'...


killer_goat1884d ago

Lol funny comment. The xbox does not have the best games.

nX1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

When it comes to exclusives, I'd even prefer the WiiU at this point... funny claim though, guess it's all subjective.

AngelicIceDiamond1884d ago

@Water Damn ppl really hate that you mind your own buissness and play what you like and enjoy what you like. In case ppl haven't noticed he said "for me" he didn't preach it like its fact, swear children on this site you fanboys need lives PRONTO.

1884d ago
trooper_1884d ago

Maybe they just...idk disagreed? An opinion can be disagreed with.

Why o why1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Lol. . Best games and features. . . MS needs you and more like you. . . In my humble opinion

BEASELY1884d ago

Where is the mudslinging?! Haha, pure delusion, and your grammar/punc is complete shit.

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MrSwankSinatra1885d ago

There isn't nothing holding me back. I own a PS4 which means that owning an xbox one for me would be for the exclusives. Unfortunately for Microsoft they don't have any exclusives that I'm interested in at the current moment.

Chivas111884d ago

Yup, also if you own a good PC, you can play most of the X1 exclusives on it

Jburr941884d ago

Honestly PS4 and PC would be the logical way to go right now after all these rumors.

freshslicepizza1884d ago

if people just bought a ps4 for exclusives and played the rest on the pc sony would not like that since they make most of their money on multiplat games. i am actually happy though to see more and more people get into pc gaming.

notachance1884d ago

same for me, I don't really care about the price, the game is what compels me to buy a console and X1 is a total bore for people who grew up in JRPG golden era like me..
PS4 on the other hand has Persona 5, Star Ocean, Ni no Kuni 2, Dragon Quest XI.. probably more will be announced at this year TGS

Aceman181884d ago

I have one but I regret buying it now as the game (quantum break) I really wanted on it disappointed the hell out of me. Now it just sits there collecting dust as I wait for crackdown 3 for its campaign mode.

And if you think I'm being a fanboy just look up gamer tag zero cool 108.

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FunkyGoron1884d ago

Sea of Thieves is the only game that interests me from a first party perspective.

I might as well see how it plays on my windows 10 laptop at this point because it's coming the Xbox app or whatever it's called there. I assume it would play normally.

amnalehu1884d ago

Lack of must have exclusives is holding me back but I am very hopeful for Sea of Thieves.

SourtreeDing1884d ago

Games are holding me back.

i Dont do Halo, Tomb raider, im not a Racing guy.
i get my Multiplats on PS4
i do like the Features on the XBOX but im not gonna get it just for that. and Gears doesnt hold my excitement long.