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AMD Radeon RX480 officially announced, will be priced at $199, shows Crossfire surpassing GTX 1080

DSOGaming writes: "AMD’s senior vice president and chief architect, Raja Koduri, has officially announced the Radeon RX480. The AMD Radeon RX480 will be priced at $199, will sport almost 5TFLOPS, features 36 CUs, offers 256GB/sec memory bandwidth, will come in two models (4GB and 8GB) and will be at 150W TDP."

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Community2969d ago
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john22970d ago
crazychris41242970d ago

Expect modified versions of this GPU in the upgraded consoles. I'm sure it's less than $100 per card for Sony and Microsoft, add in a Zen APU and the new consoles will be much more powerful but affordable, I would guess around $500.

FlameBaitGod2970d ago

Zen is still months off release so I doubt they'll have zen cpu's.

crazychris41242970d ago

Sorry I meant their Bristol Ridge APU

dcbronco2969d ago

It wouldn't be the first time something came out on a console first. Remember the current generation consoles contain Jaguar cores. They hadn't been released yet either.

NewMonday2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

seems like its the same rumored PS4Neo GPU with a higher clock


so about 39% faster

4TFLOPs(PS4Neo) increased by 39%= 5.5TFLOPs(RX480)

Kleptic2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

^yeah, I was thinking the same thing...

Eurogamer/DF suggested an apu 'ceiling' for roughly 280x like performance...and AMD was rumored to be putting desktop 280x/7970 like performance into their upcoming apu's...for reference, the desktop 280x is a card from the current PS4's gpu generation, but over twice as powerful...

but CU wise, and gcn update wise, this lines up...the 480 isn't a rebranded tahiti gpu, but seems to target roughly that amount of performance...the 280x's are still ok for most modern games at 1080/60fps on PC, but requires some tweaking to keep frames up there all the time. The clock speed reduction for the 'neo' apu, as well as possible differences with memory configuration due to the Ps4's shared architecture...I think 4.0 to 4.5 TFLOPs in the new PS4's gpu is realistic, right in line with a 280x, and down a bit from the desktop 480's 5.5...

DCBronco: The current PS4 and Xbox One SoC's are semi-custom...When announced, they were the first devices slated to use Jaguar core'd apu's...but by release they were commercially available, at least for desktops (as part of the A4 line, but with far less powerful gpus)...the main thing is that, other than the PS4 and XBO, the jaguar/kabini line was a complete flop...only the cheapest of OEM PC's offered them, and they were side stepped even in notebooks by the updated Kaveri A8's that arrived early the next year...Kabini just didn't have what was needed to run windows all that well...

Just pointing all this out because this is why there are new console updates coming...the jaguar line is empty except for the two consoles...and while the new versions of each will have the same base core structure, the SoC's are getting completely overhauled w/ new die sizes. Had the current Soc's held a better market share in budget computing, Sony and MS may not have been forced into this so quickly...

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ShadowKnight2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

@Crazychris $500? Still expensive for a console lol. If you add in Vr that's still around $800 to $1000 dollars. And how much is the 8GB version? The 4G is $200 dollars. AMD is not using GDDR5X memory either? That's interesting. I'll wait for the benchmarks. I know my brother will be excited for this card since he's a AMD fan. I'm more of an intel/Nvidia guy.

@343 What does this have to do with Playstation fans and the Scorpio? Lol this is a PC article about a GPU that's design for PC's. Let's stay on topic.

@Eonjay You still need a good CPU

MrSec842969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

That's not expensive for a console part, if it's $199 at retail, then the cost of the actual GPU chip is about 1/3rd of that, so that AMD can make money on the part.

This means a 6TFlop console right now would only end up costing about the same as the launch PS4 back in 2013. VR is an optional extra, a console with 6 Tflops and way more CPU performance is likely not going to cost more than $399, that's at break even point too.

dcbronco2969d ago

Thank you MrSec. I can't believe so many don't understand simply retail. It's like they believe everything sold cost exactly that much to make. Who do they think makes these things, elves overnight?

BTW, the 8 GB model is $229. Still an easy fit for a console.

Hold_It2969d ago

There's really not that big of difference between GDDR5 and GDDR5X. HBM on the other hand outperforms GDDR5X and GDDR5 which Nvidia isn't using.

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KiwiViper852969d ago Show
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Eonjay2969d ago

Everything seems to match up. The 36 CU AMD card was quoted as being in the Neo and rumored to be in the new Xbox.

Zeldafan642969d ago

No one would get that big of a discount off the retail price.

2pacalypsenow2969d ago

A $500 console is not affordable look what happened to the PS3 when it was $499 and $599

starchild2969d ago

Well, these new consoles would be existing alongside the more affordable PS4 and XB1, and would be targeted at more of a hardcore or enthusiast segment. Such people are normally willing to pay more for better quality.

2969d ago
mike32UK2969d ago

It outsold the XBOX 360 Worldwide every month since it released... What is your point?

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Ysmir67232969d ago

Extreme bottleneck with the almighty tablet cpu.If they are 500,expect extremely bad built quality and cheap 3 years old stock parts.

Tsar4ever012969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

According to the CU specs of 36, this RX 480 is the same gpu that's in the Ps4 Neo. Just clocked way higher.

JunMei2969d ago

The consoles you speak of use APUs. They're basically powerful mobile architecture. Nothing like that will be in those consoles. this is a REAL dedicated GPU. There is a mile of differences between dedicated and APU based gpus.

conanlifts2969d ago

I expect this or equivelant in the nx.

NohansenBoy2969d ago

What did you base this information off of?

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FlameBaitGod2970d ago

This card is a beast, $200 for an RX 480 and dual for less than $500 bucks and dual RX 480's perform better than a GTX 1080 which cost over $700 + the card was running at 51% capacity, which leaves A LOT of headroom for performance. Glad I saved my money till their presentations, buying dual RX 480's ;)

FlameBaitGod2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

If you browse the web on any PC hardware store you would see a $700 dollar tag.

Theres no $600 dollar version available right now.

Miss_Vixen2969d ago

Not here in Australia, it's priced $1179.