Sigma Harmonics Japanese Sales Fail To Inspire

Both fabled producer Yoshinori Kitase and respected musician Masashi Hamauzu were brought on to the staff, but even these two high profile names have failed to inspire the Japanese public to go out and purchase the game.

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sinncross3728d ago

just release these games on PSP really... you'd get ppl who wud buy this .

FantasyStar3727d ago

...or download it. Either way is good publicity.

Reibooi3727d ago

This is kinda sad. SE always makes great new IP's but no one buys them and they just revert to making more FF games. The World Ends With You was a great game that I would love to see more of but I doubt we will. I'm also very excited for Sigma Harmonics but it's looking like if it's good we won't get a sequel either. I would like to see SE bring back some of their older games as well such as Brave Fencer Musashi. I know they made a PS2 game based on the franchise but it really sucked and in no way felt like the first game. Also Einhander was a great PS1 game that sold decently well and got great reviews but Square never went anywhere with it.

Fox013727d ago

It's not like the game cost them a lot to make; I'm pretty sure they've covered their expenses just by selling 23k.

TheColbertinator3727d ago

I am pissed to see Sigma Harmonics flunking in sales.Knowing Square Enix and how they recuperate their losses,they will get back to making Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest spinoffs merely to cash in.

mephman3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

I think Wada already said earlier this year that they're going to be producing more "branded" games in the future.

Baka-akaB3727d ago

Well a few of us want jrpg to actually appears on more next gen consoles and the wii , not just the DS ... maybe its time to think about those customer instead of cutting corner and trying to make money out of cheap ds releases .

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