Rumors for Xbox Media Briefing 2016 on Reddit

Rumors regarding the upcoming Xbox Media Briefing appeared on Reddit.

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SpaceRanger2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

It's all rumors, but anything "Destiny" or "The Division" like is a no go for me. I think we've all learned that this gen one too many times.

Age of Empires though!!!!! I still play the old windows XP one from way back when (I think it's AoE 2). It's hands down in my top 3 games of all time. Hopefully MS have more to offer beyond these that they could dig up.

yarbie10002966d ago

Both Destiny & Division broke records & both still have a large community

SpaceRanger2966d ago

They broke records by being on multiple platforms, with the majority of their sales not being on the Xbox One.

Aside from sales, fact that it's compared to both of those games is the real problem. I used to defend destiny till about last summer when I stopped. Haven't touched that pile of you know what since then. And I'm sure as hell not touching the division, especially with it being an even bigger pile of it.

nX2965d ago

And they both were disappointing in their own way, the industry doesn't need these types of games right now.

freshslicepizza2965d ago

"And they both were disappointing in their own way, the industry doesn't need these types of games right now."

of course they do, that's why they are making them. overwatch is another online game and blizzard said sales were extremely good. just because you don't like online being forced doean't neglect the fact millions of people do. so many people are connected online daily so they will continue to push in that direction whether you like it or not.

Jason_Plays_PC2965d ago

The division doesn't still have a large community people are leaving in droves.

Sevir2964d ago

And are still very enjoyable games

ArmrdChaos2964d ago

I put the Division in the rear view mirror. I grew tired of them catering to the asshats. Darkzone is a joke.

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Mr-Dude2965d ago

I am with you, games like the division or destiny are the perfect example of crappy games, developers lies etc. That being said, I don't give a crap about it either but those games still have a loyal fanbase who want to play new repetative stuff. (Sorry I had to, don't kill me)

Khaotic2965d ago

Name 1 game that has endless new content and you never play the same thing twice

Mr-Dude2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

Those don't exist ofcourse, but the Witcher 3 comes close, so does Warcraft, League of Legends, FFXIV etc. And the content those games provide is way better

zb1ftw7772965d ago

League of Legends not repetitive?

Uhm, like, wtf?

Its probably the best example of repetitiveness in all of gaming.

UnHoly_One2964d ago

Witcher 3 comes close to endless content?

Are you insane?

That game may have been big but it was terribly repetitive. The combat never changed, so unless you're counting every fight against identical enemies as "new content" just because you're in a swamp instead of a forest, then you're a crazy person.

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Khaotic2965d ago

Taught me a lesson alright, I have put a thousand hours into destiny and still play off and on. The division would be great if it wasn't the worst coded game I've ever played. You really need to keep current with hate trends cause destiny stopped being cool to hate on

mark_parch2965d ago

I am so hyped for sea of thieves, easily my most anticipated game

mark_parch2965d ago

i think its pretty clear sea of thieves will be nothing like destiny or the division. anybody with eyes can see that. what the rumour is suggesting is that its not a straight mmo maybe it has single player or co-op elements to it

XanderZane2965d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

@SpaceRanger & @nX
Destiny and The Division sold millions across all platforms, yet you keep saying the industry doesn't need it. Maybe you should be saying just YOU don't need them. Obviously the industry is loving these type of games if they continue to sell millions of copies. The industry has already spoken.

NatFanBoyRestricted2964d ago

Or maybe one sold as well as the other, cause the industry was hoping for something better, unlike cod where the sales were or still are declining. It's easy to think because they sold well everyone wants it, but theirs no statistic telling how many have up hoping the next would be the one

zb1ftw7772965d ago

You need to learn about these things called 'opinions'.

Me and my friends are having great fun on the division. Ive even made new friends to play with through division.

I also dont really enjoy age of empires. Never have done.

You need to accept that different people enjoy different things.

SpaceRanger2964d ago

Is it possible that you can take your own advice? lol

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Waterfall1012966d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

Rare is working on a new Battletoads (maybe just the name Rare though like at the Killer Instinct reveal trailer, game Could therefore co-developed by another studio)

Sea of ​​Thieves will not be a straight MMO, more like The Division / Destiny, seems like MS will give this game a huge focus, cross-play, cross-buy

FH3 set in Australia

General RAAM for Killer Instinct

Something Age of Empires (still not sure what Exactly, prob NEW GAME)

Halo Wars 2 beta is a thing, no cross-play Mentioned

Zombie online game by MS, new State of Decay, Could prob therefore be Dead Rising

Anniversary update will gets its own landing page on Xbox.com with the major features listed, prob "available now" at E3 for preview

IF these do happen. KILLLERRR conference and e3 might aswell shut down

Sm00thNinja2965d ago

You're easily amused if this is all Microsoft has to offer than I'm good with Sony this gen. They need to come out big and these are just little morsels of what they need to offer. Sony will destroy them if they don't drop megatons

Tobsesan2965d ago

Age of empire is little News???? Would be the biggest news for millions

Mr_Writer852965d ago


And you must be a bit of a dick if you think liking the PS4 some how makes you better than others.

I'm no fan of the X1, have no desire to own one.

But that doesn't mean others can't enjoy or get excited about it.

Waterfall1012965d ago

im sorry fh3 is bigger then anything sony has offered this generation.

age of empires alone is mic drop win the conference worthy

battletoads too lol i can smell your fear

Fin_The_Human2965d ago

LMFAO at smootNainja....the only thing Sony will destroy is GT Sport and the PS 4.5 Neo.

Sm00thNinja2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

@Mr writer I have both consoles and a 50k gamerscore I love my Xbox you're a bit of an idiot if somehow you got from that Playstation is better than Xbox.

jrshankill2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

Sm00thninja.. please PLEASE tell me what announcements could trump those mentioned by waterfall? You cant. While i might not agree with everything he posted, at least he is giving predictions and actually involving himself in the conversation.
You, on the other hand, are the stereotypical smark of this generation.. "Sony will destory them"... PLEASE indulge and expand on this to present your currently invalid arguement. You can't, as the rumor mill has been dead at camp Sony except for a 4k PS4. The buzz is with MS so far.

Still waiting for Shenmue 3 from last E3.

Utalkin2me2965d ago


Says the guy calling someone the "D" word...The irony. He made a statement of how he feels and you personally attacked him and showed who you are. His comment was "You're easily amused if this is all Microsoft has to offer than I'm good with Sony this gen". And somehow you got, he thinks he is better then other people. Man you people are really just grasping at straws now, to fit your needs for justification.