PlayStation Store Sales This Week Include PS2 Classics, Deep Silver Sale

Sony is offering another new PlayStation Plus sale this week. This time, we are getting a sales deal on the publisher Deep Silver along with a sale on PlayStation 2 classics.

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Hoffmann871d ago

I want a new Saints Row already.

MoveTheGlow871d ago

LOL! So, you own Rogue Galaxy. That's nice - wish we could see the sale price in that screenshot, though!

Pancit_Canton871d ago

It's probably the same price as Dark cloud 1&2, which is $7.49

XanderZane871d ago (Edited 871d ago )

I'm getting those 2 games. Rogue Galaxy was on sale for $6 I believe during the last Flash Sale. I got it as well. I own the physical game as well. I also want SW: Bounty Hunter.

ironcrow2386871d ago

Still no burnout for ps2 classics 😐

Null1980871d ago (Edited 871d ago )

We need Final Fantasy XII HD with trophies for PS2 Classics! I'd buy that day 1.

DarXyde871d ago

I just want Outbreak and File 2.

GreenUp871d ago (Edited 871d ago )

Still no SOCOM for PS2 classics. You know, the game that won best PS2 game in the official Sony poll a few months ago...

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