BigCast PAX'08 Special: Warhammer Online

Big Download: "Wake up everybody and welcome to the first BigCast PAX Special and it's a special one. For our first PAX show we invited Mythic Entertainment's Paul Barnett, Jeff Hickman and Josh Drescher to discuss the upcoming MMO Warhammer Online. Well, that was the plan.

Listen as the entire show exploded into a hilarious hour of everything from press conferences, Girl Gamers and the musical stylings of German cab drivers. You won't want to miss this one, even if the audio quality is a little hit-n-miss. Be warned, this podcast can get a little NSFW!"

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Hosts: Xav de Matos, Kyle Horner and from Warhammer Online: Paul Barnett, Jeff Hickman and Josh Drescher

Produced by: Xav de Matos

Music: Intro/Outro: "Am I Awake" by They Might Be Giants.

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