New video game depicts Venezuela mercenary attack

Frank Jack Daniel writes:

"A video game depicting mercenaries storming Venezuela, which has been criticized in the oil-rich South American country as a blueprint for an invasion, will be released by a U.S. company this weekend."

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InMyOpinion3706d ago

Although I think the critique is kind of lame I think the choice of country is a little weird.

Venezuela is one of the few south american countries that aren't 'satellite countries' of the U.S., meaning the U.S. doesn't control their politics. Their socialistic leader Hugo Chavez who was elected by the Venezuelan people and not the U.S. government, as with other countries like Chile and their former right wing dictator Pinochet.

laid2rest3706d ago

god damn some people take stuff to seriously

rogimusprime3706d ago

here we go again. I love how Reuters only reports on video games when it has real world parallels or makes huge sales numbers like GTA. Either make a dedicated games section or stick to your niche. People who follow reuters generally don't give a damn about video games.