Just how fast is this Wii of yours really?

Beside the obvious differences of the Wiimote, the WiFi networking, the Channels and the Virtual console, the inclusion of a full-sized DVDx6 (that's its speed really), 16:9 support, the new design and the SD cards thingy, the Wii improves on the core Gamecube hardware as well...

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CompGeek5244d ago

Oh please, this is next gen, the Wii is a POS as far as speed goes.

THWIP5244d ago (Edited 5244d ago ) finally caught up to the year 2001.

Well, not really....the XBOX is still more powerful, but this is close. :o

Islandkiwi5244d ago

The more I feel that Nintendo should have upped the power a bit. I'm getting concerned that this is another product built for a 2-3 year lifespan, with a limited amount of games, and most of those being first party...with long lulls in between.

TheMART5244d ago

THat's just what it is

Wii = a partymachine. Fun when you have little childeren over, or having a party with beer want to do dumb movements

But when I game @ night I wish to have beautifull HD graphics, and all my friends online in a premium online service. That all gives me the 360.

And then just saw this:

So we might have a Wii emulator with BT USB-stick support in combination with a seperate WiiMote somewhere in the future. The best of both worlds :)

Syko5244d ago

Microsoft priced Xbox 360?? Don't tell me NewsBot is in bed with Juevani!
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