Siliconera : Disgaea 3 gets an optional online ranking mode

Spencer writes "Singapore has first access to an Item World Command Attack upgrade which inserts a Scorekeeper in the hub world and an online ranking mode into Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice. Players can compete in the Item World Command Attack challenge, which isn't a direct battle of might. This event counts every move you make and measures your efficiency at completing the item world."

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VampHuntD3704d ago

I'd prefer a direct battle mode to this. Sure some people would just beef up characters and go for the slaughter, but how cool would it be to battle your friends? I'd love that.

TheColbertinator3704d ago

This is already a 250 Hour+ game so just adding anything else is generous.New characters,online options,and new levels might really grab the Japanese market's attention on expanding games

VampHuntD3704d ago

I agree with ya on that Colbert, I'm looking forward to the DLC that Japan got for the game. Here's to hoping it comes!

TheColbertinator3704d ago

Same here.Maybe if those PSN cards show up,people can buy DLC and NIS will pay attention to the West