This Awesome Overwatch Cosplay Will Make Your Jaw Drop

vgPWN "This cosplayer has really outdone herself with this Overwatch cosplay."

Erik73572920d ago

Tracer needs work, hair looks to artificial and the pants need to look more leathery

toddybad2920d ago

What is wrong with you?

Bahamut2919d ago


Uhhhh.... yeeah, I'd say so. Mm-hmm.

Nivekki2919d ago


Yeah, the ass is the deal-breaker.

SJWs, I love that ass. I don't like yours. Unless it's better, if so provide pics.

Perjoss2919d ago

Tasha's Tracer is almost perfect apart from the footwear. The girl in this post has them much closer to what they actually look like on Tracer. Amazing effort from pretty much all the Overwatch cosplay I've seen so far. I wonder if Nigri will get involved.

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Deadpooled2919d ago

Kinda thinking that Blizzard tracer ass 'controversy' and them changing it made SJWs 'happy' in a false sense thinking they have some control, and has led to some of the 9-10 reviews from SJW oriented review sites.

Deadpooled2917d ago

Haha disagrees sum up the fanboy hurt, overwatch has definitely been overrated, a full price game with such lack of content. The hypocrisy as other full price games like battlefront and sfV get slammed instead of praised like this has been.