PS3 Blu-ray settings: Ask the Editors

It's no secret that the PlayStation 3 is the best Blu-ray player-- it's the reference Blu-ray player we use here at CNET, and we're not the only ones. To get the most out of your PS3 as a Blu-ray player, however, you'll need to get the settings right. What follows are the settings we use for our reference PS3 units here at CNET for testing HDTVs.

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theKiller3704d ago

best gaming console
best blue ray player

2 in 1, buy a ps3 and u get a free blue ray player with it :D

nieto3704d ago

not exactly free but worth it.

Fishy Fingers3704d ago

Or if your a bigger movie buff than you are gamer, Buy it for the BR player and get a PS3 for free. Etither way, win win for the HD fan.

nieto3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

10 disagrees?! WOW! LOL

so you people think that the blu-ray it's free? why do you think the PS3 has the the highest price tag of all the current gen consoles?

i mean come on are you kidding me? people here have a brain? ;-0
i'm still in shock that all of you think that the blu-ray drive that's in the Ps3 comes for free! Lol

i mean WOOOOOW, all those people that disagree are either very stupid or just plain retarded. this it's not an opinion this it's a fact.

theKiller3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

when u consider the 360 60GB for $350 and its without wifi and $50 for LIVE that will be at least $450 and the ps3 is at $400 doller and includes all that PLUS a BLUE RAY player so isnt is like u get it for free??

360 with all the features of ps3 80GB(the new model at $400) is costing $450 and with out blue ray player so when ps3 is cheaper and have blue ray it is like coming for free for customers, of course its not free for sony to make but we customers dont give a rat about how much it cost sony, we care about our own wallets!!

at the same time all blue ray player are at $300 and above, if u want a good one it will cost u at least $400, so if u buy the ps3 as a blue ray player u get a free gaming console at the same time!!

in the end its either u get a free blue ray player or free gaming machine with ps3!! its a win win case here for customers!

i hope i made it clear to u!

mfwahwah3704d ago


Perspective. That's all it is. You obviously only looked at it from yours, and were surprised others didn't. Don't make that a habit, it's a bad quality, imo.

nieto3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

yeah i did think that it all depends on perspectives but there's
too much people with crazy perspectives. it's true that the ps3 has things that if you would equip your x360 with all that it would be more expensive (that was one reason why i waited for ps3 over a x360) but the thing it's that when a normal person goes to a retailer looks at both console and he's going to say: "why the ps3 it's so much expensive than the x360 and they both looks the same?"

then here comes the wii, $250 for a console that doesn't look better than the xbox but that doesn't change that when you look at it at the store that console it's the cheapest of the three. what you need it's the console to play the games not all the accessories it comes with. wi-fi? blu-ray? free online? most people doesn't even use those. gamer geeks like us well yes. we know the inside and out of the ps3, what it does and what it cannot.

that what i'm talking about it is the excuse MS fanboys use to attack us PS3fanboys/owners because i know our console it's going to have a better year then the x360 but right now the x360 has the better games (i know it is because of the year head start but that doesn't change a thing). that's what counts. i'm exited for White Knight Chronicles a game that most people don't even know that it exist beside us.

look at my perspective, it's goes very deep but it is realist. i don't try to fool anybody saying that i'm getting something for free when my console it's the most expensive one it's plain ridiculous.

BTW my english sucks i write here because i like to argue and to practice my english writing. i wanted just to leave a friendly comment expressing my opinion but when i got that so many disagree i just reacted thanks to my boredom. ;-)
but i am not mad or anything i'm just a troll in the open zone. ;-D

season0073704d ago

why do you think they both look the same when one can play blu-ray and the other can't...and one have built in wifi and the other don't...and these are just the simplest things that even the ordinary "Joe" can notice....

You are talking like Lamborghini and Honda are the same....yea they are both cars but are they really the same?

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3704d ago

Dumb disagrees for Nieto.

Nothing is free people. Especially a $100-130 BD drive.

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kevnb3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

calling cnet microsoft biased. I'm surprised they chose RGB limited, on my tv I had to choose the same since my color gamut is around 70% but we are talking top of the line tvs.

pp3704d ago

No thanks i'm happy with dvd

doshey3704d ago

ya i bet u enjoy watching crappy quality movies dont u

DavidMacDougall3704d ago

lol thats why your a tool thats like saying id f**k Kurt Russell over angelie jolie

Pain3704d ago

"1 -
No thanks i'm happy with dvd"

-Best I'm Massively Jealous quote ever..

But spoken like a True M$ bot. Takes what M$ jams u there A$$.

Droid3704d ago

hahhAHAHahahahhAHA, PP. that made even ME laugh.

juuken3704d ago

And bluray won the format war.

Niiice pp.

You're an idiot.

And Droid is just as stupid.

deadie3704d ago

pp is happy with dvd - good for him.

anyone into good picture quality isnt.

Gorgon3704d ago

"No thanks i'm happy with dvd"

You would be even happier with VHS. Give it a try.

ShinMaster3704d ago

That's gotta be the strongest case of a fanboy's denial.

When people got DVDs, no one said "I'm happy with VHS".

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best blu ray player in the world!!just made all the adjustments,and ill try it later on with the movie 300.WATCH B3YOND!!!

aiphanes3704d ago

BD/DVD menu:

Cinema Conversion: Automatic
This setting affects how the player deals with film- and video-based standard-def material originating on DVD and Blu-ray. Automatic works well to differentiate between the two.

Upscale: Normal
This setting fills the screen properly when dealing with standard-def content converted to high-def by the PS3.

BD/DVD Video Output Format (HDMI): Automatic
This setting affects the color space output via the PS3. RGB is best for video games, which use the same color spce as computers, while Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr is best for video, including DVD and Blu-ray discs. Auto usually works to detect the source properly, so we recommend most people stick with this setting. If you experience discoloration or other issues, try another setting.

BD 1080p 24Hz output (HDMI): Off
Most Blu-ray discs are encoded at 1080p/24 natively, which means they have 1,920 x 1,080 pixels per frame delivered at 24 frames per second, the native film rate. Many HDTVs cannot accept 1080p/24, however, and many more can but don't get any benefit from this setting, and can look choppy or otherwise incorrect. Unless your TV is designed to accept 1080p/24 signals--this includes most LCD models with 120Hz processing, as well as select plasmas with different refresh rates--you should leave this setting turned off. (Khurshid, for your 800U, we recommend choosing Off and ignoring Panasonic's 48Hz mode, which introduces unwelcome flicker). We also recommend avoiding Auto, because it can sometimes mistakenly output an incorrect format.

Display Settings menu:

Video Output Settings: [check all that apply]
This setting controls the resolution(s) output by the PS3. You should select all of the resolutions with which your TV is compatible. If you have a TV that can accept 1080p signals, you should select all of the check boxes. On HDTVs that cannot accept 1080p, you should check off every resolution except 1080p. The only exception is if you know your TV looks much better with 720p sources than 1080i. If that's the case, we recommend you leave 1080i unchecked as well.

Cross Color Reduction Filter: Off
This setting applies only to S-video and composite-video output, not HDMI.

RGB Full Range (HDMI): Limited
This setting controls the range of information output via HDMI. Contrary to what you might think, this setting is best left on Limited for video-based material like Blu-ray and DVD for the majority of HDMI televisions. Some newer HDTVs can receive a slight benefit from Full if calibrated properly, but in general Limited is the best choice, and we use it in the lab to ensure compatibility of the reference player with all displays.

Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr Super-White (HDMI): On
This setting controls whether the PS3 will pass blacker-than-black and whiter-than-white parts of the video signal. It's really only useful during calibration, which is why we leave it turned on. Many discs don't contain material in above white or below black.

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