New: Gears of War 2 Gameplay from PAX

Two Gears of War 2 gameplay clips from PAX.

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Video 1:

Video 2:
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Bangladesh3753d ago

Gonna be good.

I would like to see some high quality vids.

Bangladesh3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

I'm talking about like a direct feed video or something that isn't done with a video camera. You're right though, whoever recorded this was using an Dvd camcorder, and it's still a better quality video than the lo-res cam video of Fable 2 from the other day.

felidae3753d ago

wow, looks boring as hell, sorry.

Omega43753d ago

Yet it will recive GOTY from most sites and trample every PS3 exclusive in sales....pretty good for a "boring" game

TheColbertinator3753d ago

Awful camera that guy had.But looks great and very polished just 3 months before release.I'm pumped for Gears 2

Dyingduck3753d ago

Too bad that title would be taken a little boy named, sackboy

Gays of War 2 is old...used the same old Unreal engine as its predecessor, the graphic is almost the same as its predecessor based on the SS, the game play is dull and old; the story is linear and short; the MP is 5vs5, I mean, are you serious??? Even CS have better MPs...and that crap is older than your grandma(so what's new? chainsaw ROFL)

Face it, it's a guaranteed flop as a "sequel"


You can't be GOTY without bringing something new to the table...

Daz3752d ago

You are really sad you go into most gears of war freads and hate it. grow up and get your head out of sonys arse. what is wrong with people.

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user94220773753d ago

Looks awesome, and I'm a ps3 fan

TheColbertinator3753d ago

Indeed it does.One of my favorite franchises on the 360.

ChickeyCantor3753d ago

Fan or not, something that looks good looks good =).

3753d ago
Heavy-h3753d ago

Same here
an if your a ps3 fan saying this sucks, your just a sad little person that is not a gamer

because as my kung fu panda friend says an i quote, this is "Prue AWESOMENESS"

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Filet of Children3753d ago

This will be one of my very few day-1 purchases. The first game was great, and this one looks to be improved in every way.

Filet of Children3753d ago

The graphics have been improved, gameplay has been expanded (new weapons, meatshield, etc), more fleshed-out story (or so we've been told). I can't speak for sound quality, but I don't think there was a whole lot of room for improvement from the first on that count, haha.

LinuxGuru3753d ago

Looks good, but it looks....


Fox013753d ago

Of course, it's Gears of War's sequel. Or where you expecting it to look like Viva Pinata?

LinuxGuru3753d ago

Well, if you look at the engine differences between Resistance 1 and Resistance 2, it's obvious to see that some developers actually improve noticeably between games.

waltercross3753d ago

Or from KZ1 to KZ2, BIG Difference.

But Gears 2 is Looking very sweet!, If I had a 360
I'd buy it.

Bangladesh3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

It's not like Resistance 1 was that great graphically anyway, it wouldn't be hard to improve on it. And KZ2 covers it's flaws by making literally everything the same color shade. Ah, nevermind I'm not going to argue with two Sony fans in a 360 story, it's pointless anyway. Gears of War is still pne of the top 2 best looking games so far this generation.

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