GT Sport Will Not Feature Dynamic Time or Weather

Dynamic conditions are dropped in newest game in favour of better 'quality' control.

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SavageKuma2555d ago

Sounds a bit disappointing, but maybe this will be a Gran Turismo I can like. Good Job on the post.

Nitrowolf22555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )


I get what pd doing here, but to me gt5 l, though not the best gt, introduced a lot of new elements.

It's like, sometimes it's good to sacrifice for the sake of better performance and overall experience, but at the same time some of the features are so great you rather have them in and have them cut back else where.

I guess we expect to much at this point, thinking the hardware can push that much going on all at a stable frame.

I'll wait till the final release, but so far not liking what I hear. It's strange, because sometimes we are okay with getting games that offer what normally wouldn't be acceptable but turns out great, yet other times we wish it went the other route and supplied more at the cost of lower fps, resolution. It's just odd to see a GT game take away rather then add (I know bigger player count, but still)

I won't say the game gonna be bad till it's finalized, because I've been surprised before. Afterall, this game doesn't seem to geared towards being a true GT game for the fans, but more as a competition type of game, like GT ACADEMY was

Crimzon2555d ago

According to various reports, GT Sport is designed an online-focused eSports title. It's not just dynamic time of day or weather that will be absent, but the singleplayer mode will also be missing in action to make way for small tutorials and missions to teach people proper racing technique and etiquette as well.

It's an interesting direction to take the franchise, but I'm not sure if stripping it down so much to focus on online play is a wise decision. Online-focused games are generally fine, and many franchises and IPs have been successful when venturing in this direction, but to do so with a racing series such as Gran Turismo? Considering how ram-happy and aggressive a lot of gamers can be in online racing games, this could be a very poor decision due to the simple fact that it's incredibly difficult to enforce clean racing.

On the plus side however, at least Polyphony Digital have finally learned that quality is more important than quantity.

BEASELY2554d ago

If Forza can do it, trust me, GT can, especially on PS4 hardware. This is a classic case of Japanese developers simply being behind the curve.

Forn2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Honestly, I know they're different games and all, but Driveclub to me seems to be standing on the shoulders of GT in a lot of ways. PD should be blowing my mind on a PS4 title I would think, but they're kind of not.

NatureOfLogic_2554d ago (Edited 2553d ago )


Wasn't SFV also eSports focused. I wonder how this will turn out. The competition with racing sims is so good right now that PD can't really afford to be slacking. I don't want to see GT become irrelevant in the future. I will most likely skip this one and wait for GT7, and when that game finally does arrive, I expect nothing but the best from one of the best developers out there. Time to get it together PD.

Edit: As a console only gamer for so long and huge GT fan, I didn't realize how important the sound of the vehicles were until I tried a few racing sims on PC. It blew my mind how good a few games sound. It was like a whole new experience to me and it will be hard to go back to the GT series if PD doesn't get with the times and catch up the competition as far as certain features go.

nX2554d ago

I'm definitely disappointed that this won't be much more than a extended Prologue to GT7.

They might've (unexpectedly?) made this deal with the FIA and therefore decided to make their next game about it. Making it a small part of a full fledged GT7 probably wouldn't have the impact it will have this way so I'm kind of understanding where they are coming from... but as I care much more about Gran Turismo than I do about online racing this is still not what I was hoping for. I'll probably buy it just for the amazing physics but I'm not sure how long it can keep me playing...

Goldby2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )


Couldnt be more wrong. Is Forza vr? Does forza reward winners with cash and podium ceremonies next to the actual drivers if the real race, does forza teach people about etiquette not only on the track but also pit, garage and podium?

Forza us a race sim game. Gt is a door into actual real life racing.

IRetrouk2554d ago

Crimzon there is a singleplayer portion to the game, already confirmed, the fia stuff is more to do with the online portion of the game, which you dont need to touch.. everyone freaking out over nothing, peps need ro realise that this is a new gt, not numbered and bigger than a prologue, its a new direction for the series and the fact that it teaches you how to race properly is fantastic, not to mention the chance to earn a real life racing licence has never been done before... day 1 for me.

-Foxtrot2554d ago

If they just say now

"GT Sports is NOT and I repeat NOT GT7 then fair enough"

But the fact they keep dabbling on this is annoying. If they class it as a spin off then it gives them a bit of room to say "we only do big additions and changes in our main games"

That's in NO WAY giving them an excuse here but when you look at GT5 and see so many changes then you can help to think why GT Sports is lacking a little.

GT5 added a lot
GT6 didn't
GT7 should

It's like a pattern. GT1, 3, 5 have all been big additions which push the series/genre forward while the even ones 2,4,6 have just been improved, refined versions of the last one.

hay2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Well, we have Forzatards to thank for it. We had dynamic weather, but bunch of kids with their little joypads thought pre-baked plastic Forza bullshit looked better. YOU ARE FUCKING WELCOME, and now swallow and enojy your little compromise to mediocrity.

nix2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Well... Before anyone breaks down...

GT SPORT is about racing and winning FIA approved trophies. If you can drive a bloody car and win the race, that's all that's going to matter. Nothing else.

GT SPORT is about online eSports.

And that's that. You freaking qualify. You win. You don't qualify, you lose.

You can sit at your basement and cry over it while some guy will go ahead and win the tournament and get real sponsorship and money.

Cry moar losers.

nix2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Double post

freshslicepizza2554d ago

3 years and this is all they have to show for it. sad that this was one of the premiere developers in the world but have been floating for about 10 years now. i still believe it's the added support for psvr that is to blame for the underwhelming graphics and now this. but people should not comapre this game to driveclub. there are more cars onscreen and it's also going to be double the frame rate.

GameNameFame2554d ago

@BEASELY and moldybread

Except Forza do NOT have dynamic lighting or weather. Forza had everything prebaked.

There was nothing dynamic about it.

BEASELY2554d ago

Gamefame, FH2 is open world with dynamic day/night and weather.

Try again.

GameNameFame2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )


Actually FH2 didnt have dynamic lighting. It had prebake stuff. It seems you dont even understand what dynamic effects even are. Lawl

Also, Forza(which was the game we are taking about ) didnt have dynamic lighting OR dynamic weather. just Prebake stuff.

Thanks, but try again.

starchild2554d ago


It seems you don't understand how lighting works in modern games. Virtually all games use "baked" lighting to some degree, mixed with some dynamic lights and shadows in select areas.

Baked lighting also does not equal 'bad lighting', as some of you seem to think. Games like The Order 1886, Assassin's Creed Unity and Uncharted 4, for example, make extensive use of baked lighting and most people think those games look fantastic.

I haven't played much of Forza, but I've seen enough to know it's using a combination of baked and dynamic lighting just like most games.

SolidStoner2554d ago

Forza is not GT..

what the hell guys? you only see rain and graphics?

I buy GT for competitive racing and physics (with racing wheel)! I use the game to train before to go to actual race track!

seems like most of you are using controllers for racing.. so im here a true minority! never mind then! Seems like im getting too old, smart and mature with my choice of games!

BEASELY2554d ago

And apparently, Gamefame, you believe that all games are capable of having lighting that mirror's a real world sun running in real time.

I'm not sure if you're playing games on a prototype 2035 PC ooor?

GameNameFame2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )


Only if you want to say back ground items that are miles away are considered as "baked".That is dumb semantic and you know it.

Even at that level, games like Drive Club does full 3D rendering and lighting of far away objects. Meaning full dynamic.

Reality, you are taking about playable area when speaking of Dynamic Lighting. Uncharted and Order definitely has full dynamic lighting. Wheras Forza, items 2 feet away from your are prebaked.


Uh. No. That is like saying Forza which has 95 prebaked and 5 percent dynamic is somehow same as other games that has 95 percent dynamic and 5 percent prebaked.

You can try to blur the line, but they are different.

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CaptainObvious8782554d ago

I was super hyped for this game when it was first announced...

I feel very meh right now

XanderZane2554d ago

I was hoping it would blow GT5 and GT6 away by a mile. Take weather condition, day and night driving to a whole new level. Doesn't look like any of that is going to happen with this game. DriveClub will still have the best looking weather.

Edito2554d ago

This is not Gran Turismo 7 it's Gran Turismo Sports it has to be different than numbered Gran Turismo games and I don't think we should be blaming or pointing fingers to a studio that always did right to the fans since the psone days we should be supporting the new direction they are trying... and if we don't like then we wait for GT7 or play other racing games and there are many goods out there but their not GT...

Rookie_Monster2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

That is how I felt right now as well. As a big GT fan, this is so disappointing since it has 3 plus years of development since their last game and things like car count, sounds, technical graphics effects are all underwhelming at this point. A big contrast to what the series is most famous for.

Hype a bit derailed but still consider getting it since I need games for my PSVR.

nix2554d ago


Are you telling us that you were willing to compete with other players if or if it didn't rain? Captain, please call me when you win a race in Forza and you get selected to race in the real world.

MagicBeanz2554d ago

Me too, I mean I only buy racing games with dynamic weather if they dont have it its total bullshit and not at all worth the money.

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riverstars862554d ago

I would be happier with a GT6 Remaster than GT Sport. Locked 60 FPS, touch up the graphics, and surprise us with some additional content.

Why o why2554d ago

The more information that gets released the more this sounds like GT lite. Maybe its a full game but it's not the real gran turismo. Not even comparable

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Snookies122555d ago

Wow, major letdown honestly... Don't know how to feel about this.

Eonjay2555d ago

You feel fine because its just a game.

wraith99992554d ago Show
Eonjay2554d ago

Its just a game. I don't have to be personally invested to enjoy it and I don't need to satisfy you to be on this site. Seriously what is wrong with you that you.

Paytaa2554d ago

"Just a game"? Okay Dad.

dreadz742554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

lmao wtf kinda answer is that ? Like saying meh if shirt is too small and missing a button just a shirt. Perhaps more like who cares if the car has 40 horsepower still drives right? SMH horrible answer man

KiwiViper852554d ago

Its not "just a game" though.

It's PD's first game on PS4

Was ND's first game on PS4 "just a game"?

jcnba282554d ago

Lol you will defend sony no matter what. Sad.

mrkbizzle2554d ago

No don't feel fine ,u should demand better, u make it okay for these companies to keep making the entire industry worse by letting them keep overinflating these games and then u protect them over a brand name and a feelin of fitting in "my systems better than yours mentality" youre not being a smart consumer and it's this blind thinking that has made this studio and this generation of games a complete s___show. It's okay to say that something you like sucks and well deserved unless you like punishment then keep goin ahead and let them take your money but you will keep eating it.when a company uses these tactics the truth eventually reveals itself. It's a great white hype . another Rhonda rousey , more hype less reality

Eonjay2554d ago


No problem son.

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SonyWarrior2554d ago

be honest with your self if this is a letdown you werent going to buy it any way. you just feel the need to comment that on here to get some likes, like the other people that are in the same boat as you, to feel relevant

OhMyGandhi2554d ago

Nah, I am a rather big GT fan myself, but if games like GRID, DriveClub, Forza, Need For Speed: SHIFT and others include it, I'd reckon that the reigning champ of Racing Simulators (Polyphony Digital) to include it as well.
Omitting it makes absolutely no sense.

Goldby2554d ago


But do all thise titles you mentioned have VR Support and FIA recognition?

USMC_POLICE2554d ago

I buy every GT and this disappoints me.

BattleAxe2554d ago

It's no big deal....Just like you can go back and play PS3 games on your PS3 if you want to play old games, you can in this case, go back and play Driveclub if you want dynamic weather while you're racing.

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IamTylerDurden12554d ago

Yet the article could've been titled "GTS will be 1080p 60fps with dynamic lighting, night racing, and a weather system". See how that makes it sound better.

Rookie_Monster2554d ago

GT Sport does not have dynamic lighting, it is baked.

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TwoForce2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

Well, at least we can set weather and time. But it still sound disappointing.

Liqu1d2555d ago

No dynamic time and weather in a sim is disappointing.

ShadowKnight2555d ago

Maybe we have to wait for GT7

Movefasta19932555d ago

yeah another 3 years,i mean we waited 3 years already why not?

ShadowKnight2554d ago

I guess I'll just play Forza on my PC

Exoil2555d ago

Yeah, it's going to fun participating in some endurance races and drive for hours in the same weather and time of day.

At least I'm going to be able to use the shadows as reference for braking..

rainslacker2554d ago

Dynamic time I've seen in racing games seems to be it's noon, then two laps later it's dusk, then one lap later it's middle of the night.