Sony Should Fear The Xbox Scorpio (Pressurecast One-Hundred-Thirty-Two)

No Man’s Sky Gets Delayed, Mighty No 9’s Developers Are Embarrassed By Their Own Game’s Advertisements, and CAPCOM Cracks Down On Porn Sponsored eSport Teams!

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Kingthrash3601839d ago

Nope...unless we gunna say scorpio is a new console sony sits on a 2 to 1 lead in sales...
Even if neo sells bad it still has a 20mil lead (likly much more by launch)
The neo is a ps4 just like the elite xbox one is a xbox one. Scared of what? I can't see people trading in a ps4 for scorpio, when they can just put it towards neo and still be able to play the ps4 games they have.
Also let's assume the rumors are true and scorpios power is higher. ...a few things come to mind.
Price- say what you will but in the console world this matters.
Games- gamers are getting tired of the halo forza gears repeat cycle. Ms needs to make some new games Pronto.
Design- just make it look attractive. That's opinion but it's just huge

Lennoxb631839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Nobody's talking about sales though. I'm an Xbox gamer and I don't think Sony should be worried. This will be interesting though. It will reveal if the gaming community is all about power, or preference. I honestly think its the latter because Xbox has had the most powerful console twice.

"Ms needs to make some new games Pronto."

I'm not even going to make the list of new games coming. Its redundant.

Kingthrash3601839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Make the list.....please make a list...
Also point out the:
AAA exclusives.
AAA console exclusives.
And the indies.
And néw AAA in totally new like qb was
Don't include ki dlc ...that's not a game.
And show me release dates.
I promise you'd be surprised by how many TBA release dates there are.
If you want to add crackdown ...fine but that's just the mp beta which is tba..the full game is supposed to release sometime next year. It's crazy that we don't even know when cup head is coming. Trust me I'm waiting for the games but it's been barren....this year we've only had is gears...that's 2.

ShadowKnight1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

I didn't invest in a PS4 because it was more powerful than the Xbox one. I invest in a ps4 because I like their exclusives and diverse games. I invest in an Xbox one because of Gears of War 4. I'm a fan of that franchise. Had nothing to do with power. It's always been about the games to me.

donthate1838d ago


Your fear is so real.... :D

Kingthrash3601838d ago

Fear? Lol I don't work for sony or ms. Lmao, wait.. I do fear that I wasted 350$ on a gaming console that won't have actual games.

quiddd1838d ago

Nobody's talking about sales though

Ms and Sony are talking about sales

Saito1838d ago

Once, not twice. The OG Xbox was released after PS2 been running. A year later release with time, of course it'll be more tech up then. After that, you should know check your specs, history, and info fam. You're really misinformed. And games.... Bruh Xbox got a few good titles, but Sony got the variety of those titles. Microsoft is tunnel visioned and lacks time to let creativity flourish. Objectively, Sony offer more value to gaming as a whole.

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TheColbertinator1838d ago


Let me you in on the leaked list for Xbox One exclusives for 2017 and 2018





pyroxxx1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

It is funny how this generation they did all this Forza/Halo/Gears swithchero even earlier in the gen,.. At least with xbox 360 they tried and had some games first 4 years. MS does not need Kinect to suck apparently.

bouzebbal1838d ago

And a 4x xbox one in power is still xbox one with no games.. First they should release some decent games it has been laughable so far..

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headblackman1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )


they would sale or trade in their ps4 and get an xbox scorpio for the same reason they claimed that they bought a ps4. it will be a much more powerful system and it will have the better versions of the mulitplats. it will also be the go to system for development. this is why. plus it shows that microsoft has learned from all of it's mistakes, so expect the call of duty deal to go back to the xbox very soon. this will be the return of the xbox in a big way and with phil spencer in chanrge, they won't loose.

Goldby1838d ago

Unless activision pays out their deal, they are probably sticki g eith sony for the rest of this gen. Why would it be the system to develop for. Even after the UWP , devs still say its easier to develop for ps4 over xbox. So unless ms completely changes their UWP than itll still be easier to develop for ps4.

Kingthrash3601838d ago

You have it confused...the problem with xbox and people picking ps4 was:
At first ..all the restrictions, always online, no trades...yada, yada
The icing on the cake was e3 when the price range was announced and the ps4 was proven to be not only more powerful, but cheaper too. There was no coming back from that.

They wont loose? Lol
Question. ...what has phil done?
What games has he brought?
We lost games like fable
We gained nothing but a relatable person....but all he does is sit on twitter all day....what new development teams has he got us? None....then what?

quiddd1838d ago

Nobody's talking about sales though

Ms answer Sony are talking about sales

headblackman1838d ago


all of those negative reasons that you just listed as the reasons for the x1 not being able to take the ps4 no longer exist. so what will be the hold back now??? in fact, 80 to 90% of the things that you listed didn't last long or didn't happen at all. it was just talk or something short lived and corrected on the fly. but this new console won't have any of those so called negatives.

stronger/superior tech that can't be touched by nintendo or sony
better network (as usual)
better controller (as usual)
the best games for the hardcore (not that kiddie anime crap or indie 8bit crap that can be done on a cellphone)
a much larger install base (xbox and windows pc community combined)
backwards and forwards compatibility (360/x1/and going forward) (permanent compatibility)
and a company that can afford any new ip (exlusive or timed) and dlc (call of duty WILL go back to the xbox)
and none of the setbacks that hindered the x1 original (NONE!!!)

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ASBO-51839d ago

Oh man thats dunny, Sony doesn't have a damn thing to worry aboot from the M$ camp.

Silly gameAr1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

i don't believe they do either. But, let people think what they want to think. This isn't the first time people have came out with countless articles about how Sony should be worried about something that MS is doing. We already know how that usually turns out.

Mrveryodd1838d ago

Maybe yes if its one third more powerful and $100 cheaper than the neo..... other than that no

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TheColbertinator1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Sony is losing concern over what MS does anymore. Ignoring the BC update and Live features,20 million ahead of Xbox worldwide and launching VR this fall.

Not only that these persistent rumors of enhanced consoles,Sony is now interested in the harvest not the sowing any longer.

Microsoft and Ninty have their own matters to attend.

MagicBeanz1838d ago

LOL, hilarious. Can always count on N4G for the best laughable hyperbole on the internet.

barb_wire1838d ago

Ha! - you should lurk on NeoGAF more, hyperbole is their mantra.

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