Gamervision PAX 08: Hands-On Mirror's Edge

GV reports:

''Despite seeing it over and over again at E3 I didn't get a chance to play Mirror's Edge until PAX. I was starting to become sick of seeing the same level ad nausem, beginning to become annoyed with the environment that made me fall in love with the game originally. The white rooftops, blue skies, and red pipes that originally lured us all in had become old, and it became strange that they never showed off anything else. At PAX I was a little upset to see that it was the only level on display, but when I played it I realized these issues were only temporary, and the game is too fun and cool to worry about redundancy of marketing.

The controls are jarring at first, and it might surprise you to know that there isn't actually a jump button. That's right, the parkour title for next-generation is actually without a traditional jumping command. Instead the left buttons are assigned to two simple ideas: up and down. Up will jump, climb, and vault over obstacles while down will slide under pipes and into enemy's legs. Both can be used in conjunction with the attack button to combat the game's many enemies, though that isn't the focus. The focus is speed, running, and finding the best path to get from point-a to point-b.''

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