Doom's Sounds Were Created From Old Cassettes And A Russian Synthesizer

Watch this video to find out how Doom's synthetic and metal-inspired sound was put together by composer Mick Gordon.

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TWB996d ago

Interesting videos, sounds like a man who knows what he is doing.

Master of Unlocking996d ago

They should've rereleased the original Doom games along the new reboot that just recently came out, something akin to what they did on the PS3/XBOX 360 last gen with Doom 3 that had the original games on the same disc, BUT! (and there's a big but here) with the option to play the games with the original Playstation 1-exclusive soundtrack! Seriously, that dark, ambient music played a huge role in me liking the Doom games on PSOne, it was so much better than the PC soundtrack, consisting of very short loops of some famous metal riffs, it made the game's atmosphere so much more haunting!