Gamervision PAX 08: Hands-On Tom Clancy's HAWX

GV reports:

''As soon as we were allowed onto the PAX showfloor, I made a beeline for the Ubisoft booth. I have made absolutely no secret in the past about my love of not only everything Tom Clancy, but also of flight warfare games. And since the press was allowed on the floor for a few hours before the regular attendees, there was not yet a line to get to play HAWX. So I grabbed the 360 controller and I was off.

As explained to me by Brooke of the Frag Dolls (who are acting as Ubisoft's PR team), the story of HAWX revolves around mercenaries. In the future, world governments have contracted so much of their war fighting out to private contractors that the contractors themselves are more powerful than any army. When the mercenaries realize this, they decide to band together and essentially hold the world hostage. You, as the hero of the game, are one of the few mercenaries left who has not joined the bad guys, and you are called upon by the governments of the world to lead whatever scraps of armies are left to defeat the evil contractors.''

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