8 Best Video Game Stories of All Time

Games are intended to be played, however following the time when Space Invaders presented the possibility of account situations, the advanced medium has perceived its potential for narrating. After some time the composition has enhanced, better design have took into consideration additionally fascinating strategies, and occasionally a game pushed the limits of exactly how develop a →

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gamamaja1852d ago

Until Dawn and Last of us my most favrout games. Wana play once again

1852d ago
InMyOpinion1852d ago

Funny, this site would make it on my "Worst websites of all time" list. :D

Rebel_Scum1851d ago

it was so cluttered with ad shit I had no idea where to click to see the rest of the article. Fuck these guys.

1852d ago
Hold_It1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

In my opinion, in no particular order.

Chrono Trigger
The Witcher 3 (Including the Expansion Packs)
Final Fantasy X
Half Life 2 (Including the Expansion Episodes)
Alan Wake

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The story is too old to be commented.