Giant Bomb Preview: Pure

GB reports:

''I've never stopped and asked myself "What would it take to get me interested in an ATV game?" because, honestly, I'm not interested in them. But Disney Interactive and Black Rock Studio went and answered the unasked question anyway with Pure, a trick-heavy ATV driving game that looks phenomenal and that I've been able to easily get into without previous experience in the genre. Considering I had no idea what the term "preload" meant before Jeff explained it to me, my continued interest in Pure probably says something about its appeal to ATV first-timers.

By the way, before you go thinking this one's coming out of left field, Pure has a pedigree worth talking about. Black Rock earned its chops in this particular area as Climax Racing, when it worked on both the MotoGP and ATV Offroad Fury series in the past. If you're into racing games you've probably heard of those.

Pure is akin to SSX and other trick-focused racers in that you spend as much time in the air, hanging from the handlebars with your legs flailing out into space, as you do running circuits on the ground. The three-tiered trick setup is pretty simple. You start out with access to only basic short tricks, which you pull by hitting the right face button and one of the four cardinal directions on the analog stick. If you stick one or more tricks and land right, you'll build up some turbo boost you can use to go faster.''

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