Gamespot: Shattered Suns Review

Fully 3D real-time strategy games set in space are a rare breed. Adding the third dimension seems to scare off both developers and gamers, so many games simply ignore the oft-confusing vertical plane and stick to 2D stellar battlefields. Shattered Suns is a good example of why so many people shy away. The Clear Crown Studios game is certainly adventurous enough, due to the ostensibly more realistic depiction of outer space, the mix of RTS and 4X space sim traits, and a few innovative touches when it comes to custom ship design; but the production values are bottom-drawer, and your galactic adventures are highlighted by boring resource management and simplistic combat that doesn't really utilize those three dimensions. These issues, along with some serious problems with the in-game camera, all but ruin the reasonably original game design.

The Good:
* One of the few 3D RTS space games on the market
* Good, yet crazily overwritten, script establishes the campaign story.

The Bad:
* Abysmal production values
* Too much of the campaign storytelling is conveyed through text
* Space combat is only superficially 3D
* Most of your toughest combat will be with the terrible camera system.

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