Trip Hawkins: 'Golden Age' of Consoles is Over

Digital Chocolate Chairman and CEO Trip Hawkins (founder of EA) believes that the prohibitive cost and lack of innovation for console games may mean that the "golden age" of the console is over. He also goes in depth on the beginnings of publishing giant EA.

In a new interview with David Edery, Worldwide Games Portfolio Planner for Xbox Live Arcade, and research affiliate of the MIT CMS Program, Trip Hawkins goes into detail on how EA came together, how Digital Chocolate has progressed in the mobile space, and why the console market isn't so hot anymore.

Hawkins said he already had the idea for EA as far back as 1971 when he saw his first computer as a teenager. It wasn't until 1980 that he really knew he would be forming the company, though. He said that he needed "the big idea." This idea turned out to be borrowing management techniques from Hollywood.

"From working with ingenious but egotistical software titans at Apple, I realized that the big idea was to be the first guy to bring Hollywood principals of artist management and promotion to the software industry," he explained. "So the big idea was to treat software as an art form and to promote developers as artists. Also by 1980 I had participated in a difficult transition for Apple in going from two-step distribution to direct retail relationships. I realized that great Hollywood companies all had strong direct distribution, and after what Apple had gone through, I decided to do it that way from the beginning, even though it had never been done before with computer software." ...

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T-Virus5442d ago

Just an excuse for EA BAD games.

Could you imagine playing a 2D version, with about 6 different colours, of Assassins Creed/Resident Evil/Halo? This guy is talking pure sh*t. In my opinion the golden age hasn't even begun.

leon5442d ago

im 30 years old...been gaming for well over 20 years...and ive NEVER been so excited about gaming
with gameslike bioshock, forza2 halo3 (would add some ps3 games but none get me excited ....yet), alan wake...the list could go on and on

so Mr Trip Hawkings you talking out of your @ss

oh and if anything is getting stale in gaming its EA and their franchise death flogging , and trying to rip gamers off over live

fcuk EA and fcuk trip

graboid95442d ago

I've got one word for Trip....3DO. credibility shot to hell

TheMART5442d ago

Gaming since 1984 or so MSX-1 was the first thing I played games on (not really, had pong on TV set) and I can honestly say the 360 with the online gaming part is the best I've ever played.

Amiga 500
Amiga 1200
Sega Megadrive
XBOX 360

played them all, loved them all althought the PS2 started to dissapoint because of the false promisses then switched to the XBOX. The PS3 same thing again: overpromissing & underdelivering by Sony. The 360 and MS deliver, time after time again

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The story is too old to be commented.