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Here's our full, final review of Blizzard's multiplayer hero shooter. Spoilers: it's incredible.

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Thatguy-3101851d ago

Lol not to knock the game down because it's a good game but it's not a 9.4.

-Foxtrot1851d ago

Seriously it's like they haven't been playing enough. It's MGSV all over again, they will play enough of it, everyone will and realise how repetitive it actually is.

They don't let the game sink in enough

I mean better then Uncharted 4 by their

Same happened with Evolve.

Aloy-Boyfriend1851d ago

This game totally deserves it. I don't think being higher than U4 makes it a better a game. I'm loving both!

Ricegum1850d ago

Completely disagree. I traded in Uncharted 4 after completing it for Overwatch and it was a great decision. Uncharted was fantastic but this is completely different and to me offers endless replayability. Also looking forward to the continuous free updates and dlc from Blizzard. Yeah of course it's repetitive, but it's also very fun and I havent enjoyed this feeling from a FPS game since MW2.

Bahamut-Shin1850d ago

every game is repetitive if you play more than enough of it.

Blastoise1850d ago

Yeah, I'm gonna wait for the dust to settle on this one. See how much longetivity it really has, wanna see if the cracks start to show after a few weeks.

Saying that, I really do hope it's as good as people say, haven't been into a MP Shooter since Battlefield 3

Imalwaysright1850d ago

All multiplayer games are repetitive. What matters is if they're fun or not.

legionsoup1850d ago

I like it so far - except for the controls. They are hard for me to get use to. Specifically, the aiming. I also wish there was more indication when you kill someone. Sometimes, it's hard to tell who got a kill (a lot of the times).

Those are my main 2 issues with it, up to now.

Sunny_D1850d ago

The one thing I have a problem with Multiplayer only games is that if I was to buy the game much later down the road, then everyone I play against is just way better than I am since they've been playing for a while. Not to mention, the community might die off before I get a chance to play.

ShinRon1850d ago

Cept MGSV was the best game of 2015 and Overwatch is the best game out so far this year.

When all the haters can muster up is "its repetitive" they put their ignorance on blast because every game ever created is repetitive to a large degree... the difference is quality, innovation and polish of said repetition.

TXIDarkAvenger1850d ago

Except Overwatch will continue to be supported with all kinds of changes and added content. Every multiplayer is repetitive at its core, the real question is it fun? LoL and Dota 2 are perfect examples. The hate for this game is really unwarranted on this site...

Concertoine1850d ago

Different people reviewed the games, why is it fair to compare reviews, even if it is the same site?

Khaotic1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

@shinron you are entitled to your opinion but the witcher 3 is widely considered the best of 2015 me included I mean if you want to get technical blood and wine is far better than mgsv

showtimefolks1850d ago


i couldn't agree more i think these game reviewers also buy into the hype just like gamers. overwatch doesn't have single player content so in no way shape or form should it get 9.4. when will gamers finally stop these publishers from taking advantage of us? what really bothers me is that overwatch could have had an amazing story since the universe is great but why bother

games should offer SP and MP as a complete package

atleast overwatch doesn't have a season pass and all future add on content will be included in original price when on other hand you have a game like rainbow six which charged full price plus a season pass

gamers refuse to speak with their wallets and publishers refuse to offer any more than needed

Gazondaily1850d ago

Completely disagree. Whilst I dont rate MGV anywhere near as highly as others do, this game is such a breath of fresh air and I hardly knew anything about it prior to playing it.

badz1491850d ago

this review sounds like it was made by Blizzard fanboy! everything lacking about it is swept under the rug and it pretty much says "this is Blizzard's game, buy it!"

kaizokuspy1850d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Rocket league is just as reptitive buddy and it's still a 9.5 to me. The gameplay is from the 6v6 multiplayer combat and it's competitiveness to win. That's all there is to it. Same reason people play cod and battlefield, dota, league of legends. All are reptitive, but all are rewarding when you kick ass

nowitzki20041850d ago

How is UC not repetitive? will you play UC4 for months? I doubt it, I love UC but am playing through it on crushing now and MP starting to get repetitive so Ill be done with it for a while and it will be in my collection to play sometime in the future.

UC4 no doubt is the better game but most games are repetitive.

freshslicepizza1849d ago

"I mean better then Uncharted 4 by their"

how can we take anything you say seriously? most things you talk about are pessimistic views in the first place and we already know you have a bias in favor of anything in relation to the ps4. furthermore you don't give scores to other games so what basis do we take your opinion on? the answer is we don't. your scale would be no better than this persons from ign and likely to be a lot worse and biased.

this reviewer is one person sharing his opinion on ythis game. he does not need to have a chart in front of him that says he must enjoy uncharted 4 more. ask yourself this, if uncharted 4 is the perfect game for ps4 owners why will it never achieve a 100% attach ratio? the asnwer is because everyone has differrnt tastes. your opinion of a game like halo 5 would likely be below the common avergage, please explain why? but you woin't. you'll go back into hiding never answering anything and move onto something else to whine about. that is what you do, you pick your battles and argue against them. rarely do you show agreements or positive feedback. which goes to show what a complete hypocrite you are to be attacking any reviewer.

jb2271849d ago

It's funny too because a game like Destiny had its flaws on launch just like games like Evolve did but it's obviously had some of the longest legs of any mp game this gen....and IGN gave that one around a 7 & Evolve around a 9. I get that people have opinions, but the best review outlets should reflect that general consensus after the honeymoon period is over. As gamers we are easily excited by the shiny new thing, so its natural that we give games we are hyped for high marks at launch only to realize that it loses its luster when you spend time with it, reviewers should be well versed enough to cut through that first day hype & reflect a more even handed impression (this is not in relation to Overwatch itself, I haven't played it so I can't comment on it)

For whatever reason IGN just has some weird reviews. They are rarely ever entirely off base, but just consistently weird enough to incite a chuckle.

I feel like we have far too many games that are consistently reviewing nearly perfect across the board....everything is an 8 at the lowest, 9 on average, and 10's all around.

Maybe it's because there are so many more reviews these days it is more pervasive, but there are most likely even more film & music reviews and you don't see that happening in relation to those mediums. Very few films garner 9's & nearly none garner 10's, and the spread between outlets is nowhere near as wide as they are for gaming.

jb2271849d ago


"this reviewer is one person sharing his opinion on ythis game... everyone has differrnt tastes. your opinion of a game like halo 5 would likely be below the common avergage"

That's an interesting point though, in that rationale it brings up the idea that editors may be the ones at fault for assigning reviewers in a poor fashion.

Should the reviewer for any particular game be a fan of that genre as a prerequisite? Would it be better if you assigned someone who actively dislikes the genre in order to create a tougher critique? I really don't know the answer to that, but as a hypothetical scenario, if I'm a huge RTS fan and only play those kinds of games in my spare time, am I qualified to create a review for something like Rise of the Tomb Raider? I honestly don't know the answer to any of that, but there does need to be some consistency in whatever route an editor takes. They can't choose the easy route on one game & the tough one on another. I personally wonder if any thought goes into these kinds of choices at all, or if they just grab whoever happens to walk by & happens to be free.

These are the kinds of things that really illustrate to me that outlets need to take this recent review controversy to really go in depth on their processes. As it stands there is no transparency or consistency in any faceless reviews from all of the major outlets, which is why I always turn to guys like Jim Sterling or Angry Joe. They are personalities, but by that token they are a lot more transparent, and they tend to actually show their work...if they found a bug, we see video of it, if there are lame animations we see that...bad v/o, we hear that. I just never see that kind of involved process in any of the major outlets...most of these reviews read like press releases w/ an added sentence or paragraph of soft kiddie gloves critique.

freshslicepizza1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )


i would think someone that is a fan of fps for example would be more than qualified to review lawbreakers but another reviewer who doesn't care or isn't a fan of shooters probably won't get a fair review. uncharted 4 and this game really have nothing in common and did this same person review uncharted 4? ign has a staff of more than one person so it's not like there is a parallel to each review to begin with.

another question, did Foxtrot play both games to decide upon himself this game is not as fun to play as uncharted 4? he has a right to his opinion on which is better but that opinion should be based on experience too otherwise he's contradicting himself. the reviewer of this game also has the right to enjoy this game more than uncharted 4 because again that is his opinion even if metacritic doesn't support this game to be better.

a reviewer for ign doesn't necesarrily have to represent all the staff and all the previous reviews before giving his review on this game. but again Foxtrot is biased to begin with and will never properly explain his situation here. he'd rather be dismissive or ignore it.

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DragonbornZ1851d ago

Hm, I thought people were overreacting, but they were right.
People do belittle critically acclaimed games for w/e reason. Haven't really seen it so clearly till now lol.

IamTylerDurden11850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

But Overwatch is flawed, very flawed. It's unfinished and it lacks content. The combat is not tight either. Why couldn't they have added a campaign and character backstory? Why are modes coming down the road? It's unfinshed and it was rushed and yet we praise this bc every time we look up we are confronted with an Overwatch ad telling how great it is. Ppl shredded SFV yet Overwatch is being praised. SFV actually had better core gameplay at launch as well.

DragonbornZ1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

The two games gameplay are wildly different, and both very well refined. I can only speak for OW, as I haven't played SFV, but the gameplay in OW is really damn solid.
I don't know what the comparison in core gameplay at launch is about, but OW isn't changing. It may be a bit light on content, but it definitely isn't unfinished. And it's a big multiplayer team based game like TF2, it doesn't need SP.

From the quality of the game imo it wasnt rushed either. The 21 characters are very well fleshed out and each contribute to a certain aspects of the gameplay. Can personally attest to that too, I've had some selfish teammates. It may be light on content, and if it is, which is what TONS of people and reviewers have pointed out, it doesn't bother me I guess, because I'm always enjoying the game. And I can't really explain it beyond that, every time Im playing I'm enjoying myself.
Where Overwatch is at right now isn't hindering me from enjoying the game. And for others, the state of the game may be better at launch than SFV was, but SFV did get a lot of unjust hate.

That's all imo, but what baffles me is that people come into a great review of the game and try to discredit it based on a game based on a totally different genre. UC4 and Overwatch are striving to be the best in two separate genre's, yet people throw a fit when it scores higher and it doesn't make sense.

Uncharted 4 is damn great at what it set out to be, and Overwatch is damn great at what it set out to be.
People getting upset because it beat UC4 in score blows my mind.

Perjoss1850d ago

Nobody else wants to say it so I'll go ahead and be 'the bad guy'. This site has a ton of Uncharted fanboys on it and they don't like the fact that another game so close to its launch is getting similar review scores and kinda stealing its limelight. I really love Uncharted but I'm not one of those people that are blind to its flaws or will cover my ears and go 'la la la not listening' anytime someone speaks ill of it, I will never say a game is perfect when its not.

Utalkin2me1849d ago


Thats a fanboy accusation you just made. While you're trying to justify that comment, you're missing the point that is being made in everyone of these articles. Its about parity, you cant dock all these other games for no single player and lack of content. But not dock this game for no single player and lack of content.

DragonbornZ1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )


No, you are missing the point. Overwatch is not a single player game and it doesn't have that same SP expectancy these established franchises like SF and UC have.
Don't even know why people keep drawing comparisons to them.
Why not battleborn or something?
They shouldn't critique the game for not having what isn't intended just because some other game from a totally different genre, with a totally different focus did.
That's absolutely ridiculous.

And if you look at their review "sparse modes" is accounted for, they did dock it. The game just nails everything else.

Will agree with you that about Peross accusation, but I agree with him that people are hostile towards UC negativity.

And actually there isn't any negativity towards the game here, UC shouldn't even be the discussion of this comment section.
But some upset folks decided to destroy an actual discussion before it even started.

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WellyUK1850d ago

As a MP gamer this game is fantastic, one of the best in years.Most of the negativity seems to be coming from SP fans who seem to think every game should be a SP game.

BEASELY1850d ago

Exactly, Welly. They get slaughtered in PVP and then whine. Sorry to be mean, but it's true.

SharnOfTheDEAD1850d ago

I'm loving it, not loved a MP game this much in ages. Plus the content will be fixed due the support from Blizzard. No season pass too! Not fussed over SP although the characters are so deep and interesting, must be something they can do with them.

Gazondaily1850d ago

Absolutely spot on Welly. Its mostly SP guys whinging and projecting their distaste and lack of understanding on to others. The game is incredible fun and I don't give a shit about Blizzard or the so called hype machine.

The game started getting hyped after its beta which impressed so many people. My friends and I weren't even following the game but now are hooked. It's such a fun game.

DragonbornZ1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

And honestly, they'll be quick to say "not every single player game needs multi player", yet they don't apply the same on the opposite end.

kaizokuspy1849d ago

@Beasley they had every opportunity to play the beta to find out if this game was for them. Just like the souls series you have to get good. I'm no strangers to competitive gaming, but some gamers out there, are just incredibly good, on any platform. Oh well, still fun.

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ifistbrowni1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Don't worry, it's Vince Ingenito... He's the worst at rating games. He hands out a LOT of 9/10... I like his personality, but I couldn't disagree more with most of his review scores...

10/10 for MGSV
9/10 for Evolve

6.7/10 for Division (I don't love the game and no longer play it, but I don't think it was a 6.7)
9.4/10 Overwatch.... Ehhh, idt so.. But, I'm glad Vince enjoys it. Definitely not a game worth buying from my perspective, but I'm also having more fun with Uncharted 4 multiplayer with what little time I currently have to play games.

It's also really hard for me to agree with reviews of Multiplayer only games whenever the reviewer doesn't have to pay $60 for their copy. I've yet to play a multiplayer only game that I feel is worth $60 (I'm a day 1 purchaser of Evolve, Star Wars BF, Rainbow 6)... I wont get fooled again. I'm waiting at least a month to decide if I should purchase the game for myself. The taste I had of it was not one that had me feel like I needed it for $60.

joab7771850d ago

I agree. It's really, really good, but the $60 pricepoint for a game that was f2p, while micros remain. People can argue it's cosmetic, but customization has become a huge part of the experience and grind in so many games today. It can't be discounted as nothing.

Also, I must add that there is no way that U4, with all of its content is a 9 and this is a 9.4. I love how everyone at IGN rallied behind the review too. Some people were too mean about it, but U4 is one of the few games that has undeniable quality. As an organization, there must be continuity.

Concertoine1850d ago

The game's future maps and modes will be free though unless i heard wrong?

Perjoss1849d ago

I love the game and I think its worthy of any 9 and 10 scores it gets, but a reviewer can never base their review or score on promised content, even though I know Blizzard are great at supporting their games a review is a review, you have to score whats on offer at time of launch.

Having said that if you compare pretty much any of blizzards games from launch day to 5 years down the line they are almost unrecognizable with the amount of updates and fixes they push out.

DragonbornZ1849d ago

True. I wish there was a bit more customization in the game, but it's pretty good, and unlike most game there's no paid dlc or seasons pass.
This is replacing them and funding post game development, and like Concertoine said all new content is free, which is something crucial to the community of multiplayer games.

lelo2play1849d ago

Yep, 9.4 is clearly a exaggerated score for Overwatch. Way way overhyped.

ShinRon1849d ago

@khaotic i put value gameplay far more than story or narrative, if someone thinks cinematic elements make up for gameplay shortcomings thats fine but i dont.

KayleighHicks1849d ago

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Deadpooled1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Gives this a 9.4, yet Uncharted 4 gets 9 for a "bloated third act" and a far superior content filled multiplayer.

1850d ago
HammadTheBeast1850d ago

Not even. UC4 multiplayer isn't superior at all. They're two different games, UC has a fantastic single player, but the polish and balance of Overwatch blows the multiplayer out of the water.

DragonDDark1850d ago

What's unbalanced in U4 multiplayer ?

Wallstreet371850d ago

Idk wtf u are talking about lol uc4 mp is one of the most balanced/polished mps ive ever played. If your good you can wreck with a pistol, ak, fal, etc... In terms of polish its silky smooth and just feels so good so don't hit us with tht.

With that said all you guys talking so positively about overwatch and the positive reviews really have put this on my to buy list. Ill be picking it up this week (thnx everyone for the informative comments)

IamTylerDurden11850d ago

The balance is terrible in Overwatch. It's incredibly unbalanced and it's aimed at casuals. The combat is so loose. The game will not have legs unless they add a lot of content.

SilentXCaspa1850d ago

You need to get your head checked. Hahahaha.

Overwatch is just another Team Fortress just with less content. Uncharted 4's MP wipes Overwatch out of the water. Fluid gameplay, more content, and a lot of parkour.

Overwatch is a joke in comparison.

Utalkin2me1849d ago


Did you just really say OW is balanced? I guess we have played 2 different games.

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Crimzon1850d ago

You could say many things about the multiplayer in that game, but content-filled it is not.

mocaak1850d ago

Completely different reviewers. Lucy is known for horrible reviews. While Vince is a little light on scores, often giving scores above average.

WellyUK1850d ago

Uncharted 4 MP lol. Don't think MP can get much worse.

Vegamyster1850d ago

Different reviewer & type of game..

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cfc831850d ago

Scores are a bit high for a work in progress.

moegooner881850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

60 euros price tag is too much for it.

IamTylerDurden11850d ago

Overwatch is not a $60 game, the content doesn't warrant the price. It was supposed to be a free to play. OW is a hype machine.

Gaming19801850d ago

They had to pay IGN for that review.

ifistbrowni1850d ago

These comments are silly... Especially because there are so many reviewers at IGN and they wouldn't all agree that Overwatch is a 9.4/10 and will most likely voice their opinion during their podcasts,etc...

In a way, it's true though... If you constantly give me free copies of a game to review, my judgment would eventually get clouded when it comes to the value of video games... If I pay $20 for a game, I judge it as a $20 game.. If I pay $60 for a game, I judge it as a $60 game.

For example, Alienation would almost review as high as Uncharted 4 for me.

If both games were free, Uncharted would review WAYYYYYY higher than Alienation. Both great games, but If I'm not paying for either game, it's more obvious which game is more impressive.