Ghostbusters: The Video Game (PS3/X360/PC) Pre-Orders Canceled

WorthPlaying writes: "Equipped with a variety of unique weapons and gadgets, players will hunt, fight and capture a wide range of supernatural villains in a funny and frightening battle to save New York City from its latest paranormal plague. Gamestop has notified its customers that their Ghostbusters pre-orders have been canceled, and that they can get a refund or put the money toward another title."

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theusedfake3728d ago

i wanna bust some damn ghosts :(

RainOfTerror3727d ago

don't we all ..

No idea what Activision was thinking, dropping this for Spyro, seriously!

Wii60Fan3727d ago

Actually preordered this???

Caxtus7503727d ago

I pre-order games because I get double reward points on my store card. I know thats what the Store wants but I am a sucker for points!

I dont know whether Gamestop have a reward system but GAME in the UK does.

GiantEnemyCrab3727d ago

And to think the prototype that Zootfly put out would of been an excellent GB game and Activision and Sony killed it.

thor3727d ago

If it really is as awesome as you say then they shouldn't have any trouble finding a publisher now will they?

GiantEnemyCrab3727d ago

The game Zootfly worked on was forced to stop by the owner's of the Ghostbusters IP. So finding a publisher wasn't a problem it was a matter of them not licensed to make the game. They tried to negotiate but I guess it didn't work out. This new GB game from Activison IMO didn't look as good.

Zootfly have since reworked it and are making it into a game called TimeO. I think it worked better in the Ghostbusters world but still could be good.

thor3727d ago

Sorry I didn't quite get you there, yeah from that video it looks awesome, should have been licenced but then I suppose that this game was already in the works (?) I thought you meant this ghostbusters game (didn't know who developed it), looks very similar to that vid too :)

Bnet3433727d ago

Didn't really cared for this game seeing as it was just like Gears.

nieto3727d ago

yeah because in gears you could fight ghosts with a proton gun in the new york city of mid 90' and trap them too...

oh and what about the giant Pillsbury Doughboy clone fight on rappelling? you can do that too in gear?

Chuck Norris3727d ago

You probably won't care about Gears 2 as it is so much like Gears.

Bnet3433727d ago

First off, I meant by the way it played. It would get boring for me. Second, Gears 1 to Gears 2 is a sequel, not a new IP. Its suppose to be the same. What are you going to do, make it an FPS then phuck up the whole game? Don't think so chump.

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