Microsoft Teases E3 Preparations With Cheeky Shirt

Today Xbox game marketing head Aaron Greenberg posted an interesting picture on Twitter, showing himself, Xbox Division boss Phil Spencer and Xbox Live Director of Programming Larry Hyrb as they prepare for E3.

Abash2969d ago

We know MS is going in big with hardware this E3, but to wow everyone they are going to need some killer game announcements with the Xbox Scorpio and Xbox One mini.

Fin_The_Human2969d ago

XBox Mini!!!

Awesome name and hope the rumors of it being more than just a mini are true.

nX2967d ago

Yeah as "awesome" as Xbox One... I'd be ashamed to tell my friends that I bought a "Xbox Mini".

Fin_The_Human2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Creative Chatter... I wonder if he is hinting at all the rumors that have been floating around lately.

Edit: Sorry about your friend :(

I really don't care for this console war that goes on here and game on which ever platform has games.

I do somewhat prefer the XBox only because I started gaming on it and the controller and XBox live just feels right for me but I do play and enjoy games like Uncharted, TLOU and God of War.

Omnislashver362969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Well at first I thought it was sarcastic- creative, as in false, made-up, and 'creative', but seeing that he's made a shirt, it can only mean one thing...

Anyway, I stopped playing Xbox as my favorite Xbox bud has passed away, but sounds good for Xbox fans. E3 should be interesting.

candystop2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Sorry your bud passed. Maybe one day you can join again.

dp2774072969d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

I hope they have some great games announced as well as Sony so we all have some great stuff to play. Edit...@ Sitdown, so an event where Sony and Xbox show off great stuff usually and we all hope they do, i'm not allowed to mention anything but Xbox?

mark_parch2969d ago

so sad that your comment only has downvotes. really sums up the worst of the gaming community at the minute. i agree with you i hope both have amazing shows

Sitdown2969d ago

Have you considered the down votes are not about the worst of the community, but some people's understanding that there is no need to bring up Sony in a Xbox article. Why not include our say Nintendo as well? Not saying he was trying to start anything, but around hear, people typically bring up the competitor to start arguments.

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Zeref2968d ago

With E3 leaking an Xbox One Virtual Reality filter. Xbox One Scorpio is 80% confirmed.

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Manic20142969d ago

Lol, Phil got that shirt printed quick.

Can't wait to see what MS and Sony have in store for this year? If the rumours are to be believed console gaming may be changing.

Khaotic2969d ago

It's Phil Spencer, he probably had with in an hour of the request

Eonjay2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

He probably had it before they leaked the news

Abriael2969d ago

I can have a simple T-shirt printed in an hour too at the shop down the block lol.

Sharky2312968d ago

Hell I can make a shirt like that in an hour!

Khaotic2968d ago

Yeah but I bet he made a phone call and it was delivered to him in that amount of time. Let any of us try that and see how it works out

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rainslacker2969d ago

You can print T-Shirts on some printers now using iron on patches. Or most places that do T-Shirt stuff like that can do it in an hour.

Twinblade2969d ago

I think this E3 will be all about Nintendo and their new console, Sony and Microsoft will probably show some games which we already know about and maybe some new titles too, but nothing mind blowing imo.

MatrixxGT2968d ago

Nintendo itself officially said there would not be a reveal at E3 but at an event later in the year.

Twinblade2968d ago

Well ill take back what I said then.

subtenko2968d ago

....................*pats you on the back*

TheGreatGamer2969d ago

The hashtag might be #creativechatter but what I'm reading is confidence. I think Microsoft are poised to have one of the best conferences we've seen in years

Paytaa2969d ago

Yeah E3 2016 is going to be a big one.

Really excited for the Xbox conference after all of the rumors. They did say we'll get multiple announcements on a similar level of the backward compatibility announcement.

Sic_Parvis_Magna2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Lol I'm expecting an even bigger disappointment then last year

DopeTech2969d ago

Go play the order 1886 and you'll see the real disappointment.

Kemo_Spear2968d ago

@Dope Tech:
Go play Quantum Break and you'll see the real disappointment

Gazondaily2968d ago

^^ The riveting conversations we have here on N4G ladies and gentlemen

objdadon2968d ago

@dope tech. After finishing quantum break, one of my most anticipated games, I'd take the order over it any day. It was garbage.