Japanese Xbox 360 Drought Looking Dire writes "No relief in sight for the 5000 or so Japanese gamers who might be on the weekly hunt for an Xbox 360. With a limited supply, those looking for a Microsoft brand console on which to play a copy of Tales of Vesperia or a second game will be left wanting until such time as supplies are replenished. That means that only 3500 Japanese gamers could get their hands on a 360 this past week. Just heartbreaking to see demand kind of (maybe) outstripping supply like this."

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InfiniteUnfloppery3754d ago

They're well informed on the flop nature of the Console thus they refuse to buy Xbox 360 consoles

cemelc3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

so true

CrippleH3754d ago

It was around 3000 before Tales of Ves and it's back to normal again.

Kotaku thinks Japan instantly going to buy another 30,000 or spin it like that.

Breakfast3754d ago

Lets just call them from now on.


Bombibomb3754d ago

Kotaku? The same website that posted pre-pre-alpha screen shots of SOCOM: Confrontation and tried to make everyone believe they were new? Riiight.

Even the people that are registered there are 360 fanboys. They think Far Cry 2 is 360 exclusive LOL!

IzKyD13313754d ago

I never thought I'd see the day....I see you've come to the dark side muahahahaha!

badz1493754d ago

your attitude is more a breaking news than anything on N4G today! seriously, what happen, man?

mikeslemonade3754d ago

Breakfast is trying to win over our permission. He trying to get to our good side and then his next 3 comments will be anti-ps3.

Fox013754d ago

Breakfast has gone rogue.

sack_boi3754d ago

hmm... I think Kotaku is biased towards the XBOX360.

gamesR4fun3754d ago

ya this sites a joke when it comes to supporting ms
no way the 360 sold out unless no one was stocking them.

NO_PUDding3753d ago

Japanese Xbox360 Drought Lookign Dire (to Kotaku and Kotaku only)

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DarK-SilV3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

ohhh please,spin as much as you want,now If infinite Undiscovery do its magic, then MS will come out and say "we shipped more consoles to meet the huge demand for Xbox360 and we will continue to provide the best RPG experience only on Xbox 360,We expecting shortage again after one week, we will ship more consoles when the Last Raiment is released, so don’t expect higher sales number for us until the new shipment, thank you for being stupid"

Chris Hansen3754d ago

Their positive Microsoft spin never ceases to amaze me

HipHopGamerShowFan3754d ago

M$ will keep bribing for those RPGs

IzKyD13313754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

and the quality of square's games will keep diminishing so long as their being forced to work on the 360

AngryTypingGuy3753d ago

How so? Switching discs is not a big deal. Microsoft is home to more 9's and above than the PS3 is.

shadow-sentinel3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

Most xbots fail to realize that multi disks do have compressed data. Imagine compressed video, sound etc... Switching disks is not a problem but having compressed data is. RAGE?? xD xD

Oh wait, nevermind. Don't imagine because yous don't have an imagination anyway.

cemelc3753d ago

Aside from that, Microsoft force developers to pay them for any extra disc so sry(that why those games don't use the 2 disk format).

AngryTypingGuy3752d ago

Most 360 games look the same or better than their PS3 counterparts and load just as fast, compressed data or not. That's just the way it is.

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