Gears Of War 2 Official Achievement List Announced today

Microsoft and Epic Games have announced the near-complete list of achievements that gamers will be able to collect while they kick Locust ass in Gears of War 2 both offline and over Xbox LIVE*.

The action blockbuster 'Gears of War 2' will reach Australian shores on November 7. In addition to the standard retail version (priced $AU99.95 RRP), Gears of War 2 will be offered in a Limited Collector's Edition ($AU119.95 RRP) through participating retailers.

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XboxOZ3603705d ago

If we follow the same pattern as the last few 1st Party titles, Australia and New Zealand will have the game in their hot little hand up to 19-20 hours before the US and parts of Europe . .yeah . . .

We had Halo 2, Halo 3 and Gears Of War 1 many hours before the rest of the world, as our day begins many hours before their . .some of the advantages of living very close to the international date line hehehe.

Breakfast3705d ago

....i think that extra day in development wouldve helped :P

darkmurder3705d ago

In a sense yes we are lucky, but mind you I would rather get games at the same time or a day later to have other titles released on the same day instead of having to wait days, weeks, months (in the case of Rock Band) or even sequels! (Rock Band 2)

XboxOZ3603705d ago

With Rock Band, try 12 months later, only 7 days prior to the release of Rock Band 2 in the US . .so who knows when we'll get that.

Most people will import it (Rock Band 2) as it's a better buy now than getting Rock Band 1, it just wouldn't make sense to get the older equipment when you could get all the newer gear. The song lists can be Downloaded for RB1 if you have RB2 so I believe.
But it is nice to also get games earlier than the rest of the globe on WorldWide releases.

Many American gamers still do not believe we get them early, stating NO, we get it first . . bit hard to do that when the day starts on the iother side of the globe 19 hours before they get up . . . heheheh

Breakfast3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

You guys get screwed more then Canada.

- hidden double post :( -

XboxOZ3603705d ago

No we get the full version here . . although it may be optional our OLFC (ratings board) let that sort of stuff through on most occasions, but the system is basically flawed. The stopped Dark Sector initially due to Dismemberments and blood squirting etc, then a month later Ninja Gaiden II arrives with decapitation, dismemberment and disembowelment . . .and gets a MA15+ rating . .

Fall out 3 gets banned due to the use of "prescribed drugs" and yet Soul Calibur IV and DOA and Rumble Rose get through where they show full up-skirt shots and crotch shots across the entire screen, and you can film the "girls' cavorting in the locker rooms at your command in Rumble Rose exposing the 3d selves to anyone that wants to look . .work that one out.

We SO need a R18+ rating in this country.

GrathiusXR3705d ago

From what i know is that the Australian Version will include a filter that we can turn on/off which then if wee turn On means blood becomes sparks and swearing i think gets bleeped i believe.. :)

Breakfast3705d ago

I was just poking fun :)

Acj23233705d ago

I think these achievements are in tip top shape. iv read through them and i think they are very good, similar to GOW 1 , that's good not taking it too far from the great experience of GOW 1.

There's a lot of complaining over the seriously 2.0 i think its fine, stepping it up to a hole new level with added modes that will defiantly make it go faster then it seems, also making the users explore new modes and areas of the game they would never really do before, and in the end they might like it.

well done Epic Games!!

Godem3705d ago

I hope there arent any linked achievements that you get for doing the Seriously Achievement in Gears 1..

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