Download Red Alert For Free

As part of the marketing campaign for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, EA will let you download the original Red Alert for free on August 31st. It's over a decade old and doesn't have as much babeage as later installments but, hey, you get to see Einstein kill Hitler.


The download page is now up. Article has the link.

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marc 19753706d ago

love this game.. but why did the person above have a disagree

vickers5003705d ago

Because he is an extremist fanboy, and people hate him enough to disagree with everyone of his comments. He deserves it though.

Heldrasil3705d ago

maybe, people have an opinion of their own and just happen to disagree with the me. no big mystery.

karlostomy3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

N4g is a funny place.
It brings out the worst in some people!

After one has been on here for a while, one realises that many users simply create 20,30 even 50 multiple accounts for the sole purpose of upbubbling their own primary accounts and debubbling/disagreeing the accounts of those users against whom they bear a grudge.

It is really sad... but that is what happened above to #1

I guess Firstknight upset a few people in the past who don't know how to let things go and move on with their lives....

Kinda makes me glad we have gun control laws (!)

Captain Tuttle3706d ago

What's gotten into you lately? You're just not the same mindless, monolithic corporate entity that we've all grown to despise.

EvilCackle3705d ago

I wish more companies did this. Tough to track down the old versions of games now that the "bargain bins" in game stores are now shelves full of pre-played, month-old games for five bucks cheaper.

karlostomy3705d ago

check these out

you will find lots of great, free, older games there.
I found 'axis and allies'


karlostomy3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )


3 disagrees for a helpful link to an abandonware games site?

Someone is maliciously stalking me with their multiple troll accounts.... lmao!

*smiles knowingly*

NarsilianShard3705d ago

a classic. this game introduced me to pc gaming. I was really disappointed with the 2 expansion pack but can't wait for 3!

doshey3705d ago

idk about one but to me i liked two the best

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The story is too old to be commented.